Friday, July 29, 2011

Paying it Forward

    To be quite honest, this adoption process has been humbling to Jerad and I in the sense of having to raise funds to help bring our son home.  We have never been in this position before.  It's new territory.  A task that we have no experience in doing.  While I'm being honest, I think you could say we prided ourselves on "pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps"..."earning a living"..."working for our keep."  All things that were instilled in Jerad and I, both, at a young age.  I do believe we have a video of me mowing our 3 acre yard at probably age 5 or kidding!  While I don't believe there is anything wrong with this idea, and believe God created us to use our hands and work hard to Glorify Him through our actions, there is a gray area where I believe we teeter totter back and forth between being thankful for what God has blessed us with...and believing we earned our money all by ourselves. Then, the next piece to this puzzle we are learning about is what we do with this money we have been blessed with.  We tithe our normal percentage each month...but we are realizing there is so much more we could be doing.

I have to say I had NO idea that this adoption process would affect our 'giving.'

I have seen my family begin to transform from a 'me' focus to an 'other's' focus through the blessing of your generous financial gifts.

I have seen Jerad's heart soften to the likes of people I would HAVE NEVER thought he would have compassion toward.  He has selflessly given more of this time lately, than I have ever seen in the past 8 year's I have known him.  And let me tell you, nothing makes me love him more than to see him give of himself. 

Making Daddy's favorite breakfast one morning to serve to him in bed!  Or at least while he was watching Bass Master's.
I have heard our oldest daughter, Leah, make comments about saving money in her piggy bank to help bring her baby brother home.  She has decided to have a Lemonade Stand next Friday (8/5) at our dear friend's HUGE garage sale at 105 N. Cedar (here in Hillsboro).  So please come see her and support her efforts to help Blake. 

But I also want to thank you.  Thank you for helping us.  Thank you for having compassion on our son.  But most of all...thank you for helping soften our hearts toward 'giving.'  We are truly blessed.  And we hope to continue to pay it forward.

Will you join us?  Pay someone else's kindness to you, forward to others.  You might be surprised at how good it feels.  Let me know about it, I love to hear how God works in people's lives and hearts. 


  1. Can I just brag on your hubby for a minute?? We were the recipients of his "giving of his time and talents" at 11pm on a Sunday night the week of our move when the temp outside was still 99 degrees and our A/C went out! He had it running in an hour and BOY WERE WE BLESSED BY HIM!!

    SOoooooo love seeing God at work in you all!! Isn't He amazing?? LOve and miss you!

  2. Hi! My name is Tonya & I am actually your mom and dad's South neighbor. I couldn't wait to get on your blog and read what all God is doing in your life after talking with your parents! I just love to read how God has worked in your hearts towards giving. He has done the same in our hearts as well. Your mom may have told you, we too are adopting from Ukraine! Sounds like we are about 1 month ahead of you... We were just blessed last night from a man who just randomly gave us $70 at our water bottle sale!!! God is just absolutely amazing!! I cannot wait to meet you! Please have your mom let me know when you will be in town next. You're coming over!! :)