Monday, July 25, 2011

This One's for the Kids Giveaway's

**FYI: We are extending this giveaway another week because of some technical difficulties and people not being able to sign up...
This One's for the Kids
How to Enter:
1. Click on the 'donate' button to the right of this post, in the side bar.  Pay with credit/debit or PayPal card--either $5 (2 entries), $10 (5 entries). This money is tax-deductible and goes directly to our Reece's Rainbow Grant. If you have a question about where this money is this.  Thanks!   
2.  Then go and post your name and how many entries you had under the comment 
section of each prize package you entered to win. Click on the words 0 comments to open up the comment box. You can spread your entries out over more than 1 package.
3.  Each set of prizes is posted under a new blog post so make sure to scroll down to view all of the available prizes.  (IF YOU CAN'T FIGURE THIS OUT, EMAIL OR FACEBOOK MESSAGE ME AND I'LL ENTER YOU)  :)

A winner will be announced Wednesday, August 10th!

$5=2 entries
$10=5 entries
**1 additional entry is added to your total for posting "I entered into the "This One's for the Kids" 
giveaway to help Bring Home Blake" on your Facebook page or Twitter (don't forget to let me know if you did by posting this information in your comment box as well)
 Grand Prize Winner...all entries qualify you for this prize!


  1. I hope I do this right...I should have 10 entries from a donation plus one for tweeting about the giveaway!

  2. I'm trying to win again :). 25 entries plus 1 facebook...Love ya!