Friday, July 15, 2011

The Last Pics...

Our Time Line
-Finish up medical appointments and bloodwork for dossier
-Wait to hear approval on completed dossier paperwork
-Edit Home Study with Adoption & Beyond, Inc. and wait for final approval 
-Send finished Home Study in with USCIS application for fingerprinting
-July 25th--This One's for the Kids fundraiser 
-Mid-August--Beginning of 46" Flat Screen LCD TV giveaway--it will be displayed at Vogt's Hometown Grocery!! (contest ends the day of the craft show, Sept. 17th) 
-Sept. 2nd--Garage sales in Cherokee, OK (taking donations now)

So while we are a few last glimpses of Blake.

We received the last pictures we will probably get from Blake's orphanage until we are there to kiss his sweet little face ourselves...The family that has been providing us with glimpses into his life are enroute back to the U.S. with their little boy, Joshua.  They had their 'gotcha' day Wednesday morning, she snapped a few pictures of Blake on the way out the door and they were on their way.'s what she had to share with us.
Ohhh, this picture makes me laugh out loud.  Lisa said he always climbs out of his chair onto the table and sits there until someone comes to put him back down.  It thrills me to see him so mobile and active.  If you know anything about our family, he will fit right in.

The other little children at the bottom of this page exemplify the desire these children have for attention and love.

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