Saturday, July 2, 2011

21 Day Challenge-Workout 20-Baby Dmitry

    This little guy's face is what first drew me in to Reece's Rainbow.  He is just perfect!  He was the boy I had my heart set on from the beginning of this calling on my heart.  I showed him to Jerad several times, but Jerad didn't have the same heart-tug that I did.  I sadly continued to pray for him and for God's calling on our lives to adopt.  Well, not long after we came across Blake and Jerad immediately said 'that's our son!'  So while I was bittersweet in this decision, I knew God's hand was involved and I had to obey.
But...this story gets better. I recently saw where someone has committed bring this little baby boy home.  My heart swelled with joy as when I saw this.  I can't wait to meet the family who will make Dmitry part of their home. He'll always have a special prayer in my heart.

Today's workout...hahahaha!  Let me know how those shoulders, abs, and wrists are feeling--and how long you were able to last!  The winner gets a prize, so you better post!


  1. I ended up with just a walk jog yesterday, not too intense then some strenth stuff. Today I tried the 5min interval thing and realized that 5min is a long time!!! Hard to do a high intensity for that long. Mostly just took a long run (well, long for these days) and then did the planks. Did them last night and did 60sec, but today I did them in graduating order as described and only up to 40sec. Also, Anna asked me if I was sore at the pool yesterday adn I said no. Well, as of yesterday evening it hit me and YES I am sore, mainly neck and shoulders, little in the hips.

  2. I'm sore everywhere! Tried to do the planks with arms straight...only got to the 40 sec mark before wrist pain drove me to my...elbows! Hahaha! Continued thru the one minute mark...LOVED the whole minute of rest afterward...but then failed at 30 seconds trying to get 1:10!! My dog (who thinks if I'm on the floor, I should be scratching her belly!!) LOVED this workout for me! HAhahahahaha!