Sunday, July 10, 2011

And the best surprise of all!

To sum it up...this weekend was pretty amazing!

As I already told you about...Friday morning we received these pictures of little Blake.  So the day started out amazing just with that!

Then, I went out to get the mail and we received a load of letters that were filled with encouragement, drawings for Blake, checks of support, fundraising items for our next big fundraiser (go here to get a sneak peek)  You don't understand how blessed we feel through your kind words of affirmation, prayers, and generosity financially. 

In addition, we were leaving Hillsboro for the weekend to go to my 10-Year Class Reunion in Hutchinson.  Myself and several other ladies had been planning this event in advance, for months now.  So we were SO EXCITED to see the fruits of our labor come about.  Plus, I couldn't wait to catch up with everyone and reminisce about old memories.  This also meant a 'date' night for Jerad and I, minus the girl's...and I always look forward to that. 

So my adrenaline was pumping in anxiousness for that...but probably the biggest highlight of my day was the email I received while driving to Hutchinson that evening...
As many of you know, Blake's country had decided to close all adoptions for approximately 3 months beginning July 11 to reorganize their government adoption entity, hire new staff, and streamline the myself and many other families were dreading this wait, as well as were uncertain what to do with our paperwork we had been working so diligently on in the months before--because there was a good chance the requirements would change and we would have to start this grueling process all over again.  So to sum it all up--it wasn't going to be a 'good' thing.  But we all have been praying and pleading with God to allow this wait to glorify Him, and for His will to be done--even if that meant all of us had to learn some patience.  Well, God came through more than any of us had imagined.  Blake's country voted Friday night not to close adoptions during this changeover process!!!!!!  
    So what this means is...we are quickly trying to finish up those loose ends of paperwork we had remaining and get it sent over to his country.  (before they change their minds) We should hear back from our adoption agency on the status of our homestudy at the end of this week, then when that is edited and finished, we will apply for our USCIS fingerprinting appointment, then after that, we will submit our dossier and homestudy to Blake's government and wait to hear on a court date! 
     What this also means is, we need to get serious about our check out the pictures of items for our next fundraiser coming up July 25-Aug. 3..."This One's for the Kids!"  It will be packed with some great giveaways. 

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