Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Family in the Same State with the Same Call

Okay, so I've been following this family's journey to adopt their little daughter, Dariya from Eastern Europe.  You can get caught up on their story here.  What is so neat about this family is THEY ARE FROM KANSAS!  There's just something about local people being on the same mission, you know?  We live in similar conditions, with similar beliefs, with similar cultures, with similar surroundings...and to top it all of...we have similar hearts for adoption of special needs children.
They just brought Dariya home July 15th.  Here is a video of their homecoming...and if this doesn't bring you to tears...

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I'm trying to help you get a feel for what an International adoption is like by living through the adventures of other people.  You can read about the adjustments of bringing a child raised in an orphanage, along with special needs, into your home.  Read about how their other children have adapted to this new sibling and much more.  Plus it makes me even more anxious to be able to post a video like this on our blog page when we are
"Bringing Blake Home!

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