Monday, August 1, 2011

We've Moved

We haven't moved in the sense that we are in a new home.  If you know us, we've moved enough in the past few years, it's time to stay-put for a while (that's if you ask me.)  Jerad may have other opinions, coming from a family that changed houses 9 times in the year's that he lived at home.  Me, I stayed in the same house from 3 year's old until I moved out.  Anyway, we have moved from 1 page on the Reece's Rainbow website to another 'home.'
We were here:
This is for families who are just beginning the adoption process.  They are buying more ink for their printer after receiving all of their homestudy documents and still trying to figure out how to pronounce dossier (doss-ee-ay).
Then there are these folks who have probably met with their social worker to begin the homestudy process.  They are frantically acquiring all the signatures and official documents needed to finalize the homestudy.  They are also probably beginning their check-off list with the dossier paperwork.  

That brings us to this page. This is our new home.  We are only 3 documents away from having this complete.  Hopefully after tomorrow we'll only be 1 document away, minus the "Golden Ticket" from immigration, from sending our dossier across the mighty sea!

I can't wait until this is our new home.
If things continue to progress like they are (which is very unlikely with adoption), we will be heading to Eastern Europe in late October, early November.
And our last home will be here.

Which my prayer is to be living on this page by Christmas.  Will you join me in this prayer?

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  1. Definitely praying. What a wonderful gift from Jesus at Christmastime if it's His timing! :)
    - Amy