Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Little Family. Part II

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Okay, so I posted a week ago about how this journey to adoption came about through 2 families who were adopting children from Reece's Rainbow as well.  If you missed it, go read here.

Well, the Farley's and the Kelley's made up the first part of our family tree.  And as we progressed into this adoption process more, we came in touch with 2 other families:


I first came to know about Lisa, through Danielle. Okay, focus here...this is another crazy connection.  Lisa and Dave Warner committed to adopt "Cliff "(aka Joshua).  Joshua's little baby face picture was what drew Danielle and her husband Ash to begin praying about possibly adopting a special needs child through Reece's Rainbow.  So naturally, Danielle began to follow Lisa's blog about their journey to "Build their Village."

Fast forward a few months, Danielle and I begin conversing about adoption for Jerad and I.  I told her we were very interested in Blake.  She immediately referred me to Lisa's blog and this story.  
Wonderful News! (view the video at the bottom)

This video had me in tears and melted my heart! (you can see that in my comment)  At that moment I realized this adoption journey had become more than a desire or dream.  It had become real and I was already in love with this little man, Blake.  He was our son.  No questions asked.

I got in contact with Lisa, only to find out that Blake and Joshua were in the same groupa, in the same orphanage, and the same age.  I was thrilled to find out she was traveling soon to Eastern Europe to get Joshua and her mission was to capture new pictures of Blake for us.  And the story goes on..

Now on to Sterling.  And Erin.

I am not completely sure how I first got in touch with Erin.  But she and her husband, Brian, both committed to adopt Sterling just a little bit before we committed to adopting Blake.  We are traveling to the same country.  So we became friends through the crazy madness of the paper chase, notarizing, confusion of process, etc.  She became an invaluable resource, as she has been one-step ahead of us throughout this whole process, so I have been able to rely on her for 'what to do next.'  She and her husband have submitted their paperwork to Sterling's country and are anxiously awaiting a travel date.  This will be their first child, so they are super-excited!  The bedroom Sterling will be living in, the clothes he will be wearing...let me tell you, this boy will be super-spoiled and is super worth it!!  I can't WAIT to see pictures of them with their little boy. 

So...this is what the community of adoption feels like.  Not only do you become drawn to these little kid's faces, but you have a natural attraction to the other families adopting too.  Again, in my opinion, it is a tapestry only God can orchestrate...based on timing, place of adoption, and many other key elements.  

So if you are considering adoption, realize you aren't just adopting a child but a 'whole family!'

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