Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Making Sense of Your Life

My friends are probably all tired of me telling them about these great podcasts I listen too, as are you, because I believe I've mentioned them a few times.  But as you can tell, they inspire me!  It's like having church in my car every week!  I look forward to my hour trips in the car so I can soak up as much wisdom as I can from these God-fearing men and women who share about Christ's love for them...and fully understanding what that means.

A friend texted me to listen to a podcast by Francis Chan, called "Making Sense of Your Life."  After the initial ego-crush, and confusion as to what she was trying to tell me...I uploaded it from

So here's what I gathered from this, and how it pertains to where I am in life right now.

     With this adoption, there have been up's and down's.  Good and bad.  Positive and negative.  Encouragement and questioning.  This questioning piece has been getting harder and harder for me to swallow.  I haven't been able to really pinpoint why I can't seem to let go of people's negativity or hurtful comments or questioning to what we are doing.  Maybe just because it plain hurts...

But this is what I now know.  If we are living life according to the Bible, according to the words that are written in Scriptures and preached around the life won't make sense to most people.  

How do we plan to financially take care of this child if we can't afford to adopt him now?  We will continue to work hard at the jobs God has blessed us with, and we won't worry, because God "will provide according to His glorious riches." (Phil. 4:19)

Why are you fundraising to bring home a child?  Because we have been called to "take care of the least of these"...and for us, that was stepping forward in faith to act upon this child's behalf.  Not everyone is called to do that.  Some are called to advocate for these children (which is another perk of fundraising), some are called to donate out of their financial blessings, some are called to provide medical care for the orphans...we are called to bring Blake into our home and the only way we can is with your help.

You are going to be so overwhelmed and tired with raising 2 children so close in age and one with special needs?  I'm sure I will.  As is any mom.  But again,  I have no fear, God is with me.  The creator of the Universe LOVES me.  AND He says to ask anything of Him, and to be anxious for nothing, but in everything be thankful.  

Why don't you adopt a child from the US?  I guess because we were called to this little boy.  If we had been called to a child in the US, we would have moved forward on it, just as we have with this International adoption.  God's love has no boundaries.  God's call to "defend the cause of the orphans" is not limited to this land-lock of space.  For God so loved the WORLD....

I am not going to try to defend all our reasons to adopt with logistics, etc.  My prayer is that the Holy Spirit moves in your heart in whatever way and that you respond in humble humility.  Only then can you begin to understand and make sense of my life in Christ. Praying for you!

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