Friday, August 26, 2011

Fundraising Opportunities

First off, I'd like to give a 'shout-out' to Representative Bob Brookens and Senator Jerry Moran.  I was encouraged to contact our representatives to make inquiries about our paperwork at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.  Sometimes having your 'higher-up's' make calls can help move the process along.  Well, the day I contacted both of these men, I received phone calls back asking how they could help!  I was so blessed by this speedy response.  I was planning to hear back in a week or so.  No, both men jumped into action on our behalf and are doing what they can to help us out.  Can I just say I'm so thankful for men like these who are representing us on a larger scale, yet not forgetting about us on the smaller scale!  Thank you! 

So, since our paperwork is 'resting' at the National Benefits Center in Lee's Summit, Missouri.  We have been working endlessly on upcoming fundraising opportunities.  Here's what we have lined up so far:

Now--Still taking comments on the Channel 3 news story--so if you haven't commented do so now, if you have let others know (CLICK HERE)

Sept. 2nd-- Garage Sale in Cherokee, OK (Thank you Terri for all your work!)  at the Baker Bldg.

Sept. 13th--Raffle Ticket Sales at the Hillsboro High School Volleyball Game (at home) for the TV -Go here to read more about this.

Sept. 11-Sept. 19th--Change Jars will be located at local businesses

 We would love to see you out and about at any of these events.  We are so grateful for the donations made to the garage sale, USD 410 for allowing us to sell raffle tickets, for the businesses allowing us to place cans at their stores, for the donation of the TV, for the people commenting on our blog to get to 1000, and for all the support and encouragement we have received on this journey so far. 

We are getting closer, thanks to God's mercy and grace.

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