Friday, August 12, 2011

A Little Family.

So I want to introduce you to our 'adoption' family tree.

It all started for me here.

Danielle was having a HUGE giveaway as part of her fundraising efforts to bring home him. Meet Sergey. 

I had some time one afternoon so I read through her blog and their adoption story.  Which lead me here.

After reading the ministry of Reece's Rainbow and their efforts to save orphan's with special needs, my heart begin to melt to butter.  I was hooked!  Something made me email Danielle and inquire of the 'process' and her own personal experience.  She was overjoyed and excited to share her journey thus far, with me.  She even agreed to pray for Jerad and I and whatever may happen with the possibility of us adopting someday.  We continued to email back and forth for quite some time.  I followed her blog religiously.  One week, we decided to take it a step further and we fasted for 2 days straight in solid prayer to draw closer to Christ and focus on Him even hopes of gaining some clarity of thought about this situation.  I'm not sure I got a definite answer out of it, but I had some of the most personal, soul-squeezing, convicting, hope-giving, joyful, peace-making, Scripture-reading, prayer times ever in my walk with Christ.  

During this time.  I learned about this little guy. Meet Isaac. (aka Vladislav)

And this family.

Are you still with me, here?

See Isaac was Danielle's "Prayer Warrior" child.  She vowed to pray for him everyday until a family committed to him.  She was even considering the possibility of adopting him.  But little did she know, a dear friend of hers was already falling in love with this precious little boy, dressed in girl's clothes.  Meet the Kelley's.  Jaime and Danielle had been talking on the phone at night, praying and fasting over their own personal decision to adopt about the same time that Danielle and I had been praying and fasting over our journey to adopt, as well.  Danielle should have a few extra jewels in her crown someday for her efforts on both Jaime and I's part!

Well, the rest is history.  As you can see, we are all knee-deep in this journey together.  Literally, knee-deep.  We are up to our knees in paper.  Up to our knees in fundraising efforts.  Up to our knees in the craziness of waiting.  And we are down on our knees in prayer, every minute of every day, for our little children and for each other's children.

This is how the Body of Christ is supposed to feel.  Supposed to work.  Supposed to be.  I feel a crazy connection to Danielle and Jaime already, and we have never even formally met.  But our 3 little boy's have brought us together in only a tapestry God could weave.  So please pray for my 'new' family as we move forward in the calling God has laid before us.

I can't wait to introduce you to the rest of my family sometime soon...


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