Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where we are at in this process.

I get anxious reading my fellow adopting parent's blogs, because a few of the families are only 1 day away from meeting their child for the first time.  Some families are only weeks away from traveling.  Some have just sent their dossier via UPS to Eastern Europe in hopes of receiving a travel date soon.  And some are anxiously awaiting their USCIS approval.  We aren't quite there yet...but getting REALLY close. 

So what that means for us...
1. We hope to file our petition with immigration early next week.
2. We hope to receive the rest of our dossier documents in the next 2 weeks.
3. We hope our congressman will make the phone calls needed to expedite our immigration paperwork.
4. We hope to travel October/November-ish!!

What this means for you...  
1.  Pray. Pray.  Pray.  We need you to intercede on our behalf for the processing of our paperwork.  For a speedy process with immigration and the filing of our petition to travel to Blake's country.  For our family as we endure speed bumps and roadblocks throughout this process...pray for us to love God more than any of these issues that may arise.

 2. Pray for our marriage.  These times can be stressful and unlending to quality time together, just the 2 of us!  We are planning a 'stay-cation' in a few weeks, where the girl's will go to grandma and grandpa's and we stay home!  (yes...we are getting old, but this idea sounds so amazing right now!)

3. Pray for Blake's health and for his caretakers to have compassion on him and his needs to be met until we get there.  Pray for his government to remain stable enough that we can get over there and back safely.  Pray for the other families adopting, for those who have not answered the call to adopt, and for those that are already home after adopting. 

4. Finally, pray for our fundraising efforts to be fruitful!  We are not quite halfway to being fully-funded.  So we only have until October/November--ish to come up with the rest of the money we please share our story with other's.  Advocate on the behalf of Blake.

Here are a few more opportunities for you to do that...
1. Read this blog Leah's having a lemonade stand Friday, Aug. 5th beginning at 9 am.
2. Starting Monday we will begin taking raffle entries for the 46" Flat-Screen TV Giveaway.  Drawing will be Sept. 17th.  More information on that later this week.
3. Garage Sale in Cherokee, OK--Sept. 2.  If you have any items you would like to donate, let me know so I can get those down there for that day!
4. Coming Home Fundraising Party in September
5. We'll see if we need anymore fundraising efforts after that...



  1. You do not appear to have the $$ to adopt. Begging is UNSEEMLY. You also fail to see lack of $$ as a SIGN.

  2. What people who post comments like the one above fail to see is the love of Christ. Praying for you and for your Blake. ;)