Monday, August 8, 2011

Leah's Lemonade Stand!

     I have to say my little redhead girl is quite the salesperson.  I wish I had a recorder for all the sales she pitched!  She was running out to meet people at their cars as they were pulling up telling them about her 'secret-recipe' lemonade (which I refuse to share)..that they could choose from strawberry or lemon, lemonade.  There were also cookies (thanks to Sierra, or sweet neighbor who surprised us with these treats that morning  They were yummy, by the way!  That was our breakfast before we headed out the door to begin our day, Friday.)  On several occasions I heard her respond to the question of how much her lemonade cost, by saying "It's by decoration only!" Most people figured it out. She was quick to impose rules for those who came back for seconds with a..."that's another dollar, sir..."  or, "you didn't pay yet"....for those of you who know Leah, you can just picture this being said I'm sure!
Anyway, her sales skills paid off as we pulled in almost--drum roll, please...


Even Autum was in a great mood, chewing on her lime!
Whoa!!!  Can you believe it??  Leah and I prayed that morning before we left that people's hearts would be softened to our adoption of Blake, and that His supernatural favor would be upon us.  I would say, He came through, in a bigger way than I could have imagined!!  As He always does.  I was blown away by everyone's generosity and support.  You made my daughter's heart swell.  She was grinning from ear-to-ear as we walked to the bank this morning to deposit her 'goods.'  Thank you for helping her experience God's goodness and provision, first-hand. 
What a blessing to us all!  I honestly was going to be happy with $100!  Leah still isn't sure if the burning on her hands from squeezing all the lemons and limes was worth it yet...she mentioned that again this morning.  

Ohhh well, just another excuse to wear a Dora the Explorer Band-Aid! 

Praise God.  He is so gracious.  We pray He blesses your lives as much as you have ours.  You are in our prayers.  


  1. Awesome Anna! Can't believe you made so much money! Leah did a fabulous job!

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