Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What started as a trip to the store.

Okay, so I am always nervous sending Jerad to the grocery store with a list because he always comes back with a few extra items.

Oreo cookies.

Ice cream.

French bread.



All things NOT on the list.  Anyway, this particular day he and Leah ran the errands to get out of the house, while I stayed with Autum.  Well, after a while I thought "they sure have been gone a long time..."

Oh well, I was enjoying the peace and quiet, so was quick to diffuse that thought.

Upon arrival home...Jerad quickly hurried to Autum and Blake's room with some bags and then returned to put the groceries away.  I waited until he went outside later and quickly went to explore.  Here is what I was greeted with...

It made me smile.
My husband is a man of few words, so since our initial decision to adopt, I've heard very little as far as his level of excitement to getting to see Blake soon.  Which for me, is the norm, I don't assume anything.

Upon seeing these little purchases, my heart leaped for joy.

He is getting excited.


  1. Like a duck...calm and quiet on the outside...but paddling like crazy underneath the surface!! I LOVE what God is doing IN you both and thru you all!! Inspires my soul!!!

  2. :) Ahhh...this one made me smile! So precious!

  3. I love this! This is exactly how my hubby would show his excitement too. :)