Saturday, November 26, 2011

The past few days


From leaving this place...

Waiting at the airport in Kiev at 3 am in the morning.
Meeting up with Luda,at the airport as she prepared to take off for a week's vacation before arriving back to work with other soon-to-be arriving adoptive families!
To entertaining the crowds waiting at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany.  He climbed up and down this window ledge for 2 hours straight, much to everyone else's amusement around us.
Eating on the Germany also.
Eating his first McDonald's meal as a US Citizen in Chicago at the airport.  He liked the nuggets, and spit out all the french fries.  I think it was a texture issue, they were pretty crunchy.  I had no problem eating them for him. :)  He enjoyed the toy too, except that he threw it when we were standing in the terminal to board our plane and it landed in a lady's purse as she walked by...I wasn't going to ask her to stop and retrieve it. Ha!
His first meeting with the rest of the family at the airport in Wichita.
Showing off his walking skills for KSN News 3.
Waking up the first morning to his anxiously awaiting sister's.  Poor Autum, her morning hair is always interesting :)
First attempt at a bath with little sissy.  It was pretty entertaining--lots of splashing, yelling, screaming, bubble blowing, and toy throwing...and a few laughs.

I am amazed at how well he is adjusting to life here.  He is now drinking out of a sippy cup like a rock star, he is feeding himself for the most part.  This boy can put away some food and LOVES mashed potatoes!  He has slept through the night every night so far-he woke up a for a few minutes the first night crying but immediately went back to sleep with a little rocking from mommy.  Thursday he slept from 3 pm in the afternoon until 7 am Friday morning!  This boy was worn out.  He is loving all his new toys and is exploring every inch of our house.  I am anxious for the wind to quit howling so we can go outside to explore!


  1. So happy for you! I found your blog through Sara's. Much joy to you and your new baby boy!! God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amazing how well he has adjusted! He knows that he is home :)