Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The crying little girl..

Okay, so you remember how God broke my and Sarah's heart for this little girl?

If not, read here.
And here.

Now remember?

Well, this story has a happy ending that God allowed my mom and I to witness on our last morning visit with Blake.  On Saturday's the orphanage is always hustling and bustling with visiting parents of children, grandparents giving hugs to children their own children abandoned, volunteers, etc.  Well on this particular Saturday, the orphanage waiting room was filled with people.  We know our way around well enough, now, that we pushed on through and made our way to Blake.  We took him to his regular spot, to play in the music room, where we were greeted by 2 of the families we saw in the front waiting room.  One woman was there to visit with who I am assuming was her son.  She was entertaining he and Blake with bananas, cookies, and candy.  Her little guy was laughing and learning to walk around, he actually took a few steps that day much to her and everyone else's excitement.  But that wasn't the best part....

The best part was what was about to happen with the other family.  It looked as if there was a young couple, along with a set of his or her parents, and another woman (who I later decided was a social worker)...they all spoke Russian.  They were all anxiously waiting on the couch.  Not long after we let Blake loose to play on the floor, did the door open and in walked a nurse holding baby Ylena (which I later learned was her name).  This little gal was the 1-year old that Shawn and Sarah witnessed being dropped off and Jerad and I saw the staff trying to take an orphan listing photograph of later on.  She still had the same fear in her eyes, the same feeling dug down in my soul as I made eye contact with her.  But what I saw next literally brought me to tears.  The nurse handed her over to what looked to be her 'new mommy!!!'  The woman gently took the young, delicate little Ylena in her arms and talked so sweetly to her.--Ylena's disposition began to soften.  The mommy reached in her purse and pulled out a cookie to entice Ylena's attention and calm her fears.  Little Ylena relaxed even more, I think I even witnessed a small attempt at a smile.  The mommy walked around the room with her, almost floating as she hummed a song, as if this mommy needed baby Ylena as much as Ylena needed a mommy.  I looked back at the family and the grandparents were smiling ear to ear, while the father was beaming.  This little gal had captured their hearts already.  As she did Sarah and I's...and so many of yours.  I received so many emails and comments about how you were touched by this little gal's story.  I know many of you were praying, hoping, someone would make her their own.  I just did not realize God would allow us the blessing to witness it firsthand before we left Ukraine.  What an awesome God we serve!

One who is so careful about timing and details.
One who heard so many prayers.
One who loves all the children of the world.
One who knew my heart needed to rest about this child.
One who should receive all the glory for this amazing event!

I was able to watch the family interact with Ylena throughout the whole morning visit.  The grandma took her next, as she seemed to be more comfortable with women.  She took her to the window and pointed and began to describe various things to Ylena.  She hugged her and kissed her little head.  Next the mommy placed Ylena on the nervous daddy's lap.  Ylena stiffened up and let out a cry.  The daddy immediately handed her off.  Ha!  By the end of the 1 1/2 hours, though, the father was ready to make another attempt at holding her.  He picked her up with one hand while distracting her with a cookie with the other.  Soon he whisked her away to the window, and began to stroke her hair, straighten Ylena's dress out, and look her over, as Ylena gazed out the window.  I could just feel the love this family had to offer for this little child, and I couldn't be more excited and emotional for how this story ended.
Can't you just see it?  Love.

I was always a sucker for happy endings, especially the ones that don't occur in fairy tales!


  1. My goodness this is a beautiful story!!! I am a blubbering mess right now!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!

  2. WOW!! TEARS. I am so happy for that precious little girl. To God be the glory!!

  3. What a super story to share, reading this on Thanksgiving day appreciating that there are people loving on this little girl!

    Have a great day! :)