Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Different Christmas Spirit

I come back to the states and the reality of my life after being in what seemed like another world for a month and a half.  I missed Halloween and pretty much slept through Thanksgiving...I feel like fall disappeared.  So naturally, it's been hard to get in the quote Christmas Spirit.  But I think I have also realized my heart has been changed since arriving home.  My Christmas Spirit has a different tone this year.  I had no excitement about Black Friday (never really have, though)...I had no interest in Cyber enticement to purchase my kid's the latest, greatest toy(s)...and am annoyed by all the catalogs being sent in the mail advertising 'must-have' items.  I do not want to buy my kid's worthless 'stuff' that will get thrown in the toy box after a month of use, I do not want to spend money on items that have no meaning, no value, no worth besides the paper it is wrapped in and labeled by.

Not after what I have seen.

Not after what I have experienced.

Not after what I have been changed forever by.

Nope, my Christmas Spirit is different this year.

Jerad and I both feel this way.  We have decided to do things different this year.  Everyone on our list this year will receive gifts that have meaning, that initiate the idea of giving is better than receiving, and/or create an experience.  I think we will give each child 3 gifts.  One gift will be a desired item.  One gift will be something the child will use to help someone else.  One gift will be for something we can do together as a family or with friends.

No more 'stuff.'

There are too many people out there suffering endlessly.  Starving.  Hurting.  Helpless.  Homeless.

We want to be a part of the change.  We want our kids to be aware of the need of people around them.  Our gift to them is to learn about compassion, caring, serving, giving hope, loving on, and sharing with.  That's our Christmas Spirit.

Some items I've already purchased you may be interested in:

Angel Tree Dollars.

31 Bits Jewelry



  1. AMEN! I have to say that our lives have been forever changed as well, and we haven't even made it to our son's country! Everything has been put into perspective for us and I praise God for that. We have been changed partly because of the blogs that we have read (yours, included!) and just by having to gather the ransom for our son. It's impossible to not be changed. I love your idea of the 3 gifts. I think we will start doing that as well!! God bless y'all!
    -Maria Solomon, Finn's Future Mommy

  2. I enjoy your blog. You are truly an inspiration. This is such a wonderful post and how I feel now that I have learned about Reeces Rainbow this year. I bought Angel Tree dollars for over 20 people (teachers at school and Sunday school, aunts and uncles, friends, etc.). It will be a great way to introduce them to RR. Do school teachers really need more candles or hand lotion?!!! No, but if they are teachers, they probably care about kids, so why not introduce them to RR?! If many people created a ripple like this, it could turn into a wave!
    Thank you.