Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Learning the Language: 101

First things first...go read Sarah and Shawn's news here!!!

They are on a train out of here as we that she described as "small and smelly."  Keep in mind this will be for 17 hours with 2 other people they do not please keep them in your prayers.  They did not get their 10-day wait waived and Sarah is really concerned about her little jelly bean.  They spent the afternoon in our apartment (thanks to no Internet in their's) experiencing nerves over court (which is over) and complete sadness about leaving Mila for the next 10 days.  I can't describe the pain in their eyes when they walked out of their baby girl's room this morning after their last visit before court...brought tears to my eyes.  So please, please, please cover them in prayer.   

Onto us...
The past few days we have been greeted at the orphanage gate entrance by an older man who always waves and says 'hey.'  I have been so proud of myself for being able to walk past him and greet him with "das-vee-don-ya"...which up until today I thought meant "good day."  Sarah finally decided to inform me yesterday evening, the day before they are to leave this country, that I have been saying 'goodbye' instead of 'good day.'  She wondered why I kept greeting his 'hello' with a quick 'goodbye.' Needless to say, everyone was laughing at my expense!!

Well, they all got a pretty good kick out of that this morning when I walked past the same older man at the gate entrance and he steps out from the gate and enunciates very loud and clear "Good Day" in English before saying...DOW-BRAY-UT-TREE -YA...very precisely letting me know the error of my ways, he smiled while I assumed he was teasing me.  Well, my thoughts were confirmed even more when we walked past him again to leave the orphanage and he again enunciates very clearly "Goodbye" in English.  DAS-VEE-DON-YA!! And proceeds to smile and wave.  Jerad, Shawn, and Sarah busted a gut all the way to the street corner. 

So I got a lesson in the language here thanks to the orphanage greeter. I guarantee I won't forget how to say 'good day' again.  Poor man was probably wondering why I was so quick to dismiss his 'Good morning."  :)

A glimpse of what my house will look like when we arrive home.  Picture this x 2!

Note the 'cast'...the past few days his little thumb has been all swollen and green looking so we pointed it out to the head doctor last night and were greeted with this today. He left it alone, at least.

Look at these kids! I took this picture of Autum a few weeks before we left and Blake pulled this same look out this morning at our visit! Haha, we both busted up laughing.

I have realized I'm going to have to get used to how boys play with toys, in comparison with how girls play with toys.  He throws everything, stomps or pounds on it, kicks it, sits on it, and yells at it.

Just a little rougher on things. I can see his toys won't last quite as long as the girls have! And I must add, he is totally a daddy's boy.  Mama isn't nearly as fun as daddy! He comes to me and then quickly turns holding his arms up for his daddy to come get him and throw him up in the air, tickle him with his whiskers, poke his little ribs, and wrestle...ohh, daddy's and their boys.  Makes my heart swell to see this relationship bloom.  I just hope Autum still wants me when I get home... :)


  1. What an emotional day... Reading this brought tears and smiles to my face!

  2. I love your language story! It has me totally cracking up - and not feeling quite so silly for all the flubs that I've made!

    And really - seriously, your sweet little boy is just a DOLL! Love all the photos!

  3. Great news for the Basile family, but I am sure it was hard to leave. Love the pics everyday. He is a sweetheart.

  4. Oh Autum will be one happy girl when you arrive home. Praying for your court date on Friday! Still laughing at the goodbye/good day. Hahaha that was a good one. Trust me Jason made all kinds of mistakes while we were there.

  5. Too sweet! I love his facial expressions!
    And yes my Ukrainiain translation made everyone laugh along with our charades!
    Look forward to hearing about court Friday! Many prayers sent your way
    Your RR & internet friend
    Kim B

  6. I love your language story too.... Gonna start brushing up on my language skills now :)

    I love the photos of the 2 of them making that face!!! Just LOVE it!!!

  7. I have loved following your journey these last few weeks on your blog. The thought to me after seeing today's post is that I have never seen Jered smile so much.....warmed my heart! Have given(and gotten)several hugs from Leah. Always love those! Dana Banana