Saturday, November 19, 2011

Operation: Get that Boy...Day 5

     Today was a lot less stressful of a day...we slept in this morning.  Then visited Blake.  There were a lot of other family's visiting today so the music room we always play in was a little chaotic.  I didn't feel like we got the same one-on-one time we normally get with our visits, so it was hard to share. (I have an amazing story to share about these visiting families but I can't share it yet) We walked to and from the orphanage for our morning visit, we figured it is about 5k one-way, so we got a total of 10k, or 6.2 miles in of walking this morning.  Then I took mom to the open-air market in the center of Lugansk just to experience that madness.  We ended up purchasing quite a few items for family and friends back home.  We laughed that we did most of our Christmas shopping today, we'll just have to spend our time going home working to get the smoke smell out of everything! 

This afternoon we drove back to the orphanage, as it got VERY cold here today.  We got an hour to play with Blake at his last evening visit in that orphanage FOREVER.  I can say that now and be sure!  We are going to the store this evening to get some last minute items we'll need for his and our survival in the apartment the next few days.  I don't want to have to get him out much in this cold, for fear of him getting sick.  Anyway, I tried to explain to him tonight is his last night in the orphanage, he just looked at me and stuck his tongue out and spit.  (which is something his daddy taught him to do before we left last time) :) :) 

Ohh, and he is getting to be such a smart boy.  Today we really worked with him on how to sign 'please.'  I would pat his chest with his hand and verbalize 'please'...then I would give him a bit of a cookie.  We did it several times before he did it himself!!!  I was so excited.  He is really going to thrive once we get home and really work on things.  He did it one more time for me before we had to go.  I can't wait to explore his potential.  We have 9 hours on an airplane to work on it, so hopefully we can learn a few more things on to kill time!  Any suggestions on how to entertain a young child on the airplane ride home would be appreciated.  I am a bit concerned about that...

Here are a few pics of Blake's last day in the orphanage.

Smile!  He is starting to realize what a camera is for, he does this whenever


This place sells hot dogs that smell pretty good, but we couldn't get ourselves to eat anything that resembled the name "Crapdogs!"

Hahaha, this is my last night here, nanana booboo!


  1. Love him, he is so adorable! Can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. crapdogs!!! i thought the same thing when i saw it!! too funny!

    and praise GOD - this is the last night your sweet boy will go to bed without goodnight snuggles!!! LOVE it!!!