Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Need I say More...

Leah is enjoying all of her souvenirs.  She won't take the blue shoe coverings off!  Who would have thought?  I guess that is the only thing she requested for us to bring back for her...ha!  She plays with her Matryoshka dolls a lot too, she loves taking them apart to find the little baby chick at the end.

Anyway, I keep finding myself daydreaming about all 3 of our children wrestling in the front room, rolling in the leaves in the front yard, and playing at the park.  It's going to feel so good to have them all home.  When I was in Ukraine I kept thinking of the girls and now that I'm home I find myself waking up at night thinking of Blake, so my mind will hopefully rest a little once we are all under the same roof.  Hopefully 3 weeks from today we will be living out my daydream.  Ahhhh!  Makes me smile.

I just made our travel plans for next Tuesday to head back...dreading the flight so much.  Ugh.  We plan to be in Ukraine a little over a week before we arrive home with Blake.  Right now it looks like we'll land in Wichita on Thanksgiving day...but who knows...the world of adoption is never predictable...so much so I'm almost afraid to type this! Haha.  But, I would LOVE to land on Thanksgiving Day because of the symbolism this day carries at the end of this journey.  


  1. oh my gosh she is hillariously adorable!!!!! love it! I find myself awake at night worrying sick about Mila, but I guess thats our job as their mamas. How good it will feel when we can both have our entire families together!! A week from today my friend you begin the journey back to bring your boy home forever! (And I leave in 5 days what the heck am I doing reading blogs?!?! LOL)

  2. Welcome Home Anna! She is too cute! The innocence of a child..all the souvenirs and she would love the surgical booties, LOL! Praying all goes well For you and Sarah with next round of travels. Look forward to the updates.
    Your RR and internet friend
    Kim B

  3. :) Hooray! May you and Sarah both have successful trips back to pick up your little lovies!

    Praying for both of you for safe travels.

    Your daughter is adorable! :)

  4. Thanks for the update - I must have missed the one when you arrived home. Praying for a Thanksgiving arrival, but all in God's timing. Can't wait to meet your little guy sometime in the future!
    - Amy