Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I remember the day I posted this blog post.

I remember the excitement, fear, uncertainty, overwhelmed feeling of stepping out in faith with no clear picture or path to the end.

I remember knowing with certainty this was supposed to be our journey.  God laid this desire on our hearts and we were to follow.  I knew that!

 I also remember this...days of daydreaming, wondering, hoping, and thinking about what ours days would be like with Blake around.

And also this...being completely overwhelmed and in awe of the generous outpouring of love and support for us during this big step in our lives.

Most clearly this....something I cannot describe, convince someone of, or help them feel until they step forward in faith, and experience the freedom of living in God's grace in full faith...on his own.  As I described it:  It Will BLOW Your SOCKS off!!

And this...the struggles, uncertainty, and fear that creeps in. It's a constant battle of surrendering.  And that's not easy.

I'm reminiscing on all these blogs because these feelings have been reawakened in me again--NO we are not adopting again....yet :)---but I am blessed with the opportunity to live vicariously through another family I have just recently come to know. I am positive I have come to know them for this very purpose!  They are a family who have been called to adopt as well.  Haiti is on their hearts, and has been for years!  And they have just clearly heard the call, the prompting by the Spirit to:

Chad and Sarah.

All because of heart-wrenching situations like this...we can't be people of God, as we claim to be, and not do something. 

Well, their journey is just unfolding.  They have been invited to Haiti at the end of this summer to visit, see and feel the need, interact with the people and culture, and be lead to their next step in helping.  They are ready and willing and God is making the way.

I am so in love with the grace they are being given and the outpouring of love they are receiving from their 'community!'  God is moving mountains already.  This is the stuff!  This is what I so dearly want people to experience and feel.  Yet like I said before, it can't be described or put in words.  It has to be felt, at a real level, in a stepping out in full trust and faith kind of way.  That's it!  And it's amazing.  I'm giddy hearing about how they are just floored with all that is happening and how people are moving, how hearts are being changed, and how God is being glorified!

This Friday we are having a HUGE garage sale in McPherson in front of Kyle's Discount Store on Main St. from 9 am to 6 pm.  There are so many things for sale: furniture, strollers, sports equipment, name-brand clothes for kids and adults, DVD's, toys, baby items and much more!  All proceeds will go toward the funding of this family's journey.  Remember this??  They are staring these numbers in the face.  And I've been there.  It's overwhelming and daunting.  But is obviously doable!  With your help!

Will you?

We'll be there with our famous lemonade and lots of smiles on our faces!  And Blake will be there, as proof of what God can do!  Are you with me???

The Muehler kiddos!
See you Friday, June 22nd.
Go here to read more about this family...

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