Monday, June 11, 2012

Grandpa Sonny's 85th

This weekend we traveled to Jerad's hometown to celebrate his dear grandpa's 85th birthday.

Jerad's mom, Terri, had been planning this get-together for weeks.  She has a gift for hosting.  So you can always expect to be well-fed, well-served, and always made to feel at home.  Family from all over came.  I'm not even sure how many people crammed in Grandpa Sonny's little house, but it was busting at the seams.  Thankfully the weather was nice, so most of us sat outside and watched the kids play in the baby pools. (Yes, Terri even thought of that) Honestly, Grandpa Sonny is the reason we all still get together.  He is the glue of the family.  And its always a great time when we do get together, so I'm thankful to him for that.  And look forward to many more birthdays of his.

 Here are a few snapshots of the weekend to serve as memories in the future.

This picture has so many meanings.  He loves to sit on his porch in this chair watching people drive by and to be warmed up by the sun.  He actually received a new chair for his birthday because he wore out the previous one.  We have many pictures and memories from this porch.
Secondly, Autum is watching him hug the gorilla that infamously lives in his fireplace.  He teases all the great grandkids by telling them he has a gorilla that lives inside his fireplace.  So after all this teasing, he purchased a stuffed gorilla to go along with the joke.  So one of the kids finally got enough nerve to look in the fireplace for the gorilla that was said to have lived there...and there he was!  He was Autum's pretend "baby" that day. 
Autum was practicing he new-found 'kissing' skills on everyone!
The kids spent the morning going up and down the front porch stairs waiting for the rest of the family to arrive. 

This picture cracks me up for some reason!

Playing at Mimi Terri and Papa David's house!

Picking flowers....naughty, naughty...

Ice Cream Sundaes on a hot day.

These 3 figured out there was ice cream around and didn't leave the picnic table!

Still waiting...just in case there were seconds!
Happy Birthday Sonny!  We LOVE you!!

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