Monday, November 21, 2011

Gotcha Day..for real this time..

 And I have pictures to prove it!
Wave goodbye to this orphanage, forever!!

We couldn't stand it any longer on Sunday, so I called Violetta, our translator, about 3 pm and said "WE ARE READY TO BUST THAT BOY OUT OF THERE!" I was a bit disappointed because she wouldn't be able to drive us herself, but she did us the honor of calling a taxi for our last trip to the orphanage.  We arrived during naptime, so we snuck in the room and the nurse scooped him up out of his bed, and as soon as he saw us he spit his pacifier out (which I now wish I knew he used) and smiled really big.  It was like he knew.  In fact, the night before when we visited him I went to take him back to his groupa and he REFUSED to let go of me...he was clinging to my shirt for dear life.  I just got this overwhelming feeling like he knew, again.   

Thank you Lord for answering my prayers for this little boy.  Thank you for whispering sweet words to his little heart throughout this whole journey, preparing him for his family, and for us, and for this day....finally!

We handed over his little jeans, button down shirt, onesie, Spiderman tights, new sneakers, gigantic coat, and hat in exchange for his old, worn out, non-personal orphanage clothes.

This little guy cleans up nice.  I kept thinking he looked like a totally different kid in these clothes!

This was the size of the smile I got when the nanny handed him over to me.  Brought me to tears!  
Tears of joy!  
Tears of relief!  
Tears of gratitude!
Tears of love!
Tears of disbelief!

I was finally getting to bring the boy God had planned for me--home, to a safe place, to people who loved him and would provide him with a quality of life.
"'Quit hugging me mom, let's get out of here!"
"Paka, Paka." We purchased him a towel, shown in this picture, that is authentic to Ukrainian culture.  Baby's are gifted with these towels at birth and carry it with them throughout all significant events in their lives.  So we bought one for Blake to begin his journey with us.  
The final walk.
Our handsome little man at the apartment.

First bath.  He wasn't too crazy about it.

Sweet-smelling boy.
We had to spike his hair, just once.

This kid loves mirrors!  He licks them whenever he sees himself! I know what toy we will keep handy for use on the 9-hour plane ride home.

It didn't take him long to warm up to his new surroundings and want to explore! In case you are wondering, all kids in Ukraine wear tights under their clothing for warmth, so when I found these Spiderman tights at the outdoor market I couldn't pass them up!

When we got back to the apartment we gave him a bath, as I was dying to rid him of that orphanage smell.  Then we ate some supper.  Mom and I attempted to make borscht like they do here, it was a poor attempt, but tasted good all the same.  He scarfed it down, along with the 2 packets of baby food I had with me.  We are trying to keep his diet very similar to what he is used to eating to avoid any digestive problems or allergic outbreaks.  Needless to say, I still had to experience that first, horrible, what I was warned about, beyond stinky diaper, all other adoptive mom's had warned me about...phew!  My mom walked around the apartment with her shirt over her nose while opening the windows (even though it was freezing outside) to just help clear the air.  Phewweee!

I slept with Blake last night on a pull-out couch, because we did not have a playpen in region to use and because I was afraid he would fall out of the big bed.  His staff told us he drinks warm tea before bed every night, so we made his tea and I slipped a little bit of Melatonin in it to help him calm down and sleep well.  I rubbed his back for a couple of minutes, he did some rocking and self-soothing (which is common for orphans) and was out like a light!  He only kicked me a few times during the night!

All I know is this feels so surreal.  This feels like I am dreaming.  I watched Blake sleep last night as I lie awake praying to God out of gratitude and overwhelming joy. I couldn't help but realize as I watched Blake sleep that I had the same feelings well up within me as I do when I watch my girl's sleep at night.  I smiled because only God could create this bond, this love, this child, and this perfect end to a day.

Because this is the day the Lord has Made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!


  1. Love those spiderman tights, awesome! Blake totally rocked them!

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your Mom!


  2. LOVE all of it!!! You're right - some new clothes and a bath, and he's like a new boy! Also - love the Ukrainian towel! So special!

  3. YAY! Happy Gotcha day! Still laughing at the stinky diaper! LOL been there done that !

  4. Oh, Anna.....I was seriously crying like a incredibly happy for you guys! What an incredible day for you and for his new clothes, he does look like a new kid.....such a cutie!!! Can't wait to here how it is at home with him and his that will be AWESOME!!! Have a safe journey home and hope he does well!!!
    Tracy H

  5. Congratulations! Praying you all the way home. . .

  6. tears tears tears!!!!! wonderful! he is so beautiful congratulations and praying you all home xxxxxx

  7. I am so HAPPY right now!!! I totally understand the feelings of it being surreal...just reading and looking at the pictures feels weren't we just talking and praying about this and now he's coming home this week! We serve an awesome and amazing God!

  8. Yeah! Congratulations!

  9. So happy you guys gave him outta there!!!

  10. Yay! So excited for you and tears of joy! You've done an amazing thing! :)

  11. Blake Woods: I cannot wait to meet you!

  12. Praise God!!! I'm so happy for all of you! What a beautiful journey. God bless y'all.
    --Maria, Finn's future Mommy

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