Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Were Submitted Today 9.15.2011

This day has 2 significant meanings to me...
One being, that one of my dearest friends' birthday is today.  We were only born 4 days apart, cried watching 8 Seconds and Pure Country on the night's before games in college, spent WAY too many hours at the rodeo arena chasing cowboys, laughed at how similar our dad's sense of humor was (just not 7 am phone calls), and shared some of the best memories/moments of my life together.  Love you, Bre!  Happy Birthday!

Secondly, today is the day our paperwork was submitted to Blake's country.  His government now has our dossier in their possession--it has been reviewed, translated, notarized, and handed over.  They will review our paperwork and if acceptable, we will be sent an invitation to our first appointment with the State Department of Adoption.  In the adoption world, this is called the 'travel date.'  This is the last step in this whole process....we are in the final stretch.  I am so anxious, nervous, excited, overwhelmed.  I told my mother today I felt almost exactly like this a year ago as I was anxiously awaiting our daughter's birth.  Other adopting mom's have shared that the 'nesting' instinct kicks in weeks before travel, just as it does in pregnancy.  So I guess that is why these feelings feel so familiar.  Today I caught myself daydreaming of squeezing that little boy, of him resting his head on my shoulder while I comb his hear, of him hugging me with his little arms and kissing me on the cheek, of him calling me Ma-Ma!  *Sigh*

In the mean time, we are wrapping up our last few fundraising efforts.  We are $6000 short of what we need to be fully-funded.  But I have complete peace about how God will move this mountain for us and prepare the way, just as He has done so faithfully up until now.  Our donation link  will remain on our blog throughout our trip, so you will be able to donate up until we get on that plane to come home with Blake.  If you are waiting until we receive official word of a travel date, that is fine.  If you are waiting until our official court date and we are given legal rights to Blake, that is fine.  If you are waiting until our 'Gotcha' Day and he walks out of that orphanage with us, that is fine.  Only give if and when you feel lead.  We are grateful for whatever you can give. 

Continue to pray with us as we prepare for leaving the girl's with family, as we make arrangements for everything here at home to be set before we go, for God's will to be done through all of this.
Thanks!  Next date.



  1. Congrats! I'm so excited for you!

  2. YAY!!!!!! I so hope for a BIG PARTY in KIEV too!!!! Congrats to all of you!!!!!!