Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Little Faces that Tug on My Heart

One of the adopting mom's posted a question in one of our online forum's asking "which of the little faces, besides the child/ren we were committed to adopting, tug at our heart strings?"  Well, I feel like my list keeps growing, but here are a few of the little faces that tug at my heart, that still need families, prayer warriors, Christmas warriors, and exposure.  So if you have been perusing the Reece's Rainbow website as you are following our and many other's journey...who are your little faces?  Here are mine...

Boy, born October 2010
Who doesn't love a sleeping baby?  Especially one as sweet as this little guy!
Baby Ollie has Down syndrome, and is still so young!  What a great opportunity to find him a family to provide the care and medical attention he needs.
Ollie does have a heart condition and should see a cardiologist as soon as he's home.  His condition is listed as "heart murmur – ventricular septal defect, open arterial canal,  peripheric pulmonary artery stenosis."

His little tuft of hair, his peaceful stature of sleeping, and sweet little button nose...*sigh*...he's a sweetie!

Boy, Born May  2009
HOT DOG, new photos of Darren.  Finally we get a glimpse into the sunshine that he is!  Look how he's grown!!  Darren is a sweet boy with bright blue eyes.  
From his medical records:  Down Syndrome, bilateral pyelectasis, low muscle tone
OH. My. Goodness.  He just looks like a little character, with a great personality.  He just makes my heart smile every time I see his little toothy smile.

Boy, Born October 27, 2008
 This muffin is just that, a MUFFIN!  He still has that baby, comb-over hairdo!   He has light brown hair and brown eyes.   He is in the same orphanage with Sasha and Alexei.  He could be adopted with any of them. 
 Nicky is at the perfect age for early intervention, and an *easy* transition into family life!
I just LOVE his little face, not sure what it is that I adore, specifically, but he is just plain cute!

Boy, born May, 2007

Silas has Down syndrome.  He is very bright and has excellent verbal skills for a child with Down syndrome.  He likes to sing and perform. He is doing well at kindy.  He has good relationships, but is a little cheeky, lively and has a strong will.
 More photos and video available, along with full social history and medical records
 Need I say more?  Just look at this little gent.  He is perfect and already has his own him!


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  1. I'm terribly behind in blog reading, and you probably already know, but just in case you didn't, Darren had a family commit to him recently!