Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thank you.

As many of you know, through only God's hand working on other's hearts, our adoption story was covered by our local news station, KSN News, out of Wichita, KS. You can see that clip below.  Well, out of God's amazing grace, He blessed us with a dear neighbor who challenged all viewers to comment on this news story and she would donate $1 for every comment up to 1000 comments.  So in short, 1000 comments = $1000 for our adoption!!!  Well, people quickly spread the word, blogged about it, posted it on facebook, and I heard responses from people all over the world.  It was truly amazing!  I believe we ended up with close to 459 comments total between all of these resources.  WHOA!  I could not believe the support of people I have never known, may never know, and yet still took the time to help us out.  Thank you!! 

Well the story doesn't end there.  I received a random phone call from this generous person yesterday, asking me where we ended up with our comments.  I quickly totaled up what I could count and told her about 459, she said thanks and that she would be getting us the money for those comments soon.  And that was it.  Well, I got on the blog later that night to create a new post and what to my wondering eyes did I see?  Our fundraising account had gone from $4300 to $5300!  She gave us the $1000 even though we were short 541 comments, still!!  I just couldn't believe it...I was completely blown away by the $459 we would be receiving, that would have been enough.  Because I am so grateful for every dollar that is donated toward Blake's safe-keeping.  So when I saw that she had proceeded to give us more than we were due, I had no words.  I only had praises to God for using her blessings as a vehicle to assist the financial burden of International adoption.  I only had praises to God for her sensitivity to the Spirit's work in her heart to give.  I only had praises to God for her faith in giving beyond what was asked and her faithfulness that He would use it effectively.  I had prayers of petition that He would bless her life 10-fold for her faithfulness and response to His calling.  And I thanked God for who He is, how He loves, and how He chooses to reveal Himself through people like her.  What a blessing!

Thank you.

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