Friday, September 16, 2011

Sweet Baby Boy

Today has been a HUGE blessing to me.

First off, this little handsome boy popped up in my inbox this morning, thanks to someone in his orphanage being thoughtful!  Can you believe how grown-up our little man has gotten over the summer??

Hold on little man, mommy and daddy will be there soon!

Then, a few short minutes later, the doorbell rings and our local florist, Jan's Flowers, walks in with a bright "Best Wishes" balloon attached to a HUGE piggy bank full of coins.  (If you didn't know we are having a change drive in town this week...)  And attached to it is a sweet note from a VERY dear family friend of ours.  What a BLESSING you are!!  You have no idea how much this gesture brightened my day.  I pray God blesses your thoughtfulness, gesture, and generosity 10-fold. 

Then, it gets better.  I am running Leah to school, yeah running, because we like to play 'beat the clock!'  She is in afternoon kindergarten and I can't seem to get into this new lunch schedule yet.  But anyway, a woman I know of, not real well, but am acquaintances with, stops us, gets out of her car, and hands me an envelope full of cash!  She said she has been wanting to get this to me for a while now and was glad to catch me (I can't wait to tell my husband that running late isn't always a bad thing!) Teeheehee.

I am just so amazed at the generosity and kindness of people everywhere.  I constantly feel unworthy of these gestures and am so humbled by all of this.  I feel like I am being made more aware of just how much we need each other in this life.  I am beginning to feel the joy that God speaks of in Scripture when our sense of belonging is fulfilled through His Holy Spirit and the Saints. It is a deep in your soul, feeling of fullness... a feeling that nothing and/or no one can sustain.  It is a sense of belonging fulfilled not through common experiences, interests, or stages in life--it is a belonging characterized only by the fact that we are all sinners, we ALL fall short of the Glory of God, and we are no better than each other in any way, within this perspective.  What freedom we have in this...what a joy!


  1. My cousin has DS - thank you for what you are doing and how you and your family are showing God's love.