Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So What's Next...

Well, what I thought was going to be a reprieve from paperwork for a while, has turned into a whole other mess of paperwork.  The 'not-so-fun' kind.

For instance, I've spent the evening answering questions like...
1. If you were in a vegetative state, with no hope of recovery, would you want a)...  b)...  c)...

2. If you were diagnosed to be in a permanent coma, you direct that...

3. Do you give consent for your child to receive a blood transfusion if needed...?

Ugh.  These are the questions you hope you never have to face, yet are so important to have answered. I won't lie, these are some of the documents I have been putting off through this process.  But now we are nearing our travel time and so the challenge must be faced.

In addition, I am now going through the process of:
1. Printing off the papers we will need for Blake's medical appointment at the US Embassy.

2. Printing off Blake's Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration forms.

Today, I also:
1. Called the bank about ordering money.  Blake's country is particular about money being in great condition, no older than 2000, no crinkles, tears, markings, etc.  Some people have resorted to ironing their money!

2. Tallied up where we are in our fundraising goals.  We are still about $8000 short of our pre-determined goal.  But we are confident God will provide. 
3. The more fun things I did were to: decorate the change jars for our change drive beginning next Monday (at local businesses in Hillsboro)--look for Blake's little face plastered on the front! 
4. Counted out raffle tickets and will be sending those of you who registered online for the TV giveaway, your numbers soon. 
*We will be at the Hillsboro High School Volleyball triangular-Tuesday, Sept. 13th, selling tickets for the TV Giveaway.  We will also be selling tickets at the Sept. 23rd Home HHS Football game.  The drawing date has been postponed because of some confusion with the football game dates. (sorry!)

And of course, we are in our 3rd Trimester of this Paper Baby Delivery...so we are waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  Pray our paperwork is translated and submitted to the State Department of Adoption Thursday...then it won't be too long after that we should be receiving a travel date!!!

So, keep praying for us and keep spreading the word about these children.  God loves them just as much as He does you and me. 

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