Thursday, April 2, 2015

Little Miss Says

So because Autum is my only child still at home most of the time, she and I have lots of time to talk.
She has been cracking me up lately with her little speeches, her finger pointing points of concern, and her old soul wisdom.  She is quite the little "mama" and her sweet soul keeps Blake nurtured, her big sister on her toes, and everyone caught up on hugs and kisses.

Yesterday I was working out in the garage and she was swinging around behind me on the rings just jabbering away.  I finished a weight lifting circuit including push press, ball slams, and kettlebell swings for time.  I am not thinking she is paying attention to me at all, until I am finished and I'm wiping the sweat off my face.  She comes over and points her little finger at me and says, "you didn't lift heavy enough weights!!"
I ask why. And she says, "because you didn't make that face like you do when you are know that one where you scrunch up your cheeks and make noises...?"
Ok, you mean "a pain face?"
"Nope...your poop face!"

Ok then.

Moving onto later in the day, we jog to school in the stroller.  We are running behind and it's a little's Kansas, you know.  Right after we leave she says she needs a Kleenex, her nose is running. Well, we are already halfway to the school.  So I say to use her sleeve (yes this is my 3rd child)...well, Little Miss Queenie doesn't like that idea and resolves to use toilet paper at the school.  We pull up in front of the school and she says, "Geez, mom! Now I will have to ask for a wet ran so fast the boogers are dried up on my face--no Kleenex is going to get that off!"


And today...I pick her up from preschool-a little late by her standards.  I decided to get a quick swim and track workout in before I pick her up and after my morning workout session with my clients.  So I literally run off the track all sweaty, run to my van, drive to pick her up...still out of breath.  I walk in and she marches over, gives me this look.  I assume it's because I am late.  I say I'm sorry, and she says, "'s not that, I'll tell you when we get outside." 
We walk out the doors and she says, "I am trying to be polite. But you STINK!  You stunk up my preschool classroom! Next time would you mind taking a shower before you come get me?  Bleh."

Haha...good to know. Sorry, sister.  Shower it is.

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