Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekends of Spring

My kids are made for sunshine, outdoors, dirt, space, and time.  This past weekend was a "warm fuzzies" weekend for me.  We played outside from sun up to sun down both days.  No joke!  We ate outside every meal. Blake did all his potty breaks outside. :)  
We face-timed with Baby Luke, that is the only thing that brought the girls inside on these warm spring days.  That little boy has probably face-timed more in his 2 months of life than most in their lifetime...thanks to these 2!  We roasted hot dogs on sticks, we caught worms, we rode our bikes, we dug dirt holes all over the yard, did tricks on the trampoline, fried fish and pickles, played softball, and frisbee (which Autum calls "Crispee!), we played with friends and family, shot baskets, worked on the boat, worked out in the garage. I kept looking around at my little blessings playing and getting along, and feeling very thankful.  Content.  And at peace.

These are the days I don't want to end.
(until bedtime routine starts, and the whining exhaustedness kicks in..then it can go faster)

"Baby Luke!"

Scooter races.  Blake was at a disadvantage.

"We are best friends with best friend necklaces so we are going to walk around like this holding them together, all day!"

"Team Huddle"

Waiting on daddy to load up the hotdog sticks for roasting.

Piggyback rides.

Fingernail service outdoors!

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