Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Daddy's & Nanny's Birthday

Reading Nanny her card. (handwritten by Autum)

This boy was in Heaven with his sandbox and digger.

The girls even got in on the digging.

Leah was the dinner server for the night.  Pot holder hairnet and all! :)

Blowing out the strawberry cake candles for daddy.

Opening his presents.

Reading his gift cards.

Throwing the tissue paper.

Singing and reading Nanny her card Autum wrote (in scribbles)--she was the only one who knew what it said.

Leaving on last mark on Mimi and Papa's back patio before we left.
We spent the only weekend Jerad has off in awhile in Cherokee.  We celebrated his and his grandmother's birthday (Nanny), a week early.  We had steaks, potatoes, strawberry pie, cookies, big breakfast, and lots of tea.  The kid's went to the Family Fun Fair--where Autum won a new bike!  They played the cake walk over and over, winning cans of pop, candy, toys, juice, and lots of other sugary goodies.  They played with the neighbor kids. Did their make-up and hairstyle.  Played house and teacher.  Dug around in their new sand box and digger.  Played ball.  Drew with the chalk.  And we relaxed.  Sat around and chatted.  Took a nap or two.  And did nothing.  And it was great.  Always nice to unwind away from home.

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