Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This is How We Roll...

Today's is Leah's "real" birthday.  I labored all night with her after being induced TWICE...she finally made her appearance!  2 weeks late!  She arrived at 6:35 am.  She came out with a head full of red hair. 

We watched some home videos of her as a baby last night and she was glued to the TV.  She kept asking "why is that girl doing that?" (referring to herself)  But I found myself just as glued to the video unfolding as well...6 years has gone by since then?  Some days it seems like an eternity ago, some days like a breath ago...I had forgotten so many things about her already.  She loved bath time.  Looking out windows.  She rarely cried.  Ever.  She was content to play on the floor by herself with toys.  She never liked cuddling.  She loved being around people.  Would let anyone hold her.  She laughed and smiled all the time.  Her red hair always attracted attention and admiring comments.  (still does today)  She was always wiggling and moving.  She loved being outside.

Well, to celebrate we had her family party on Saturday and I'm finally getting the pictures posted.  She ruled the roost that day, as you can tell by these pics.  She requested that everyone sing her happy birthday, that everyone tell people it was her birthday, that everyone wear Indian headresses, that everyone eat cake and ice cream, that everyone bring her a gift, that everyone have fun. 

And so we did.
She requested candles that blow out this year, after last year's trick candles did her in.
She changes clothes about 50 times a day, so you will notice a chance of outfit here.
Even the Great Grandmas got in on the dress-up action.
And the Mimi's and Autum
Playing with Elmo time
Stealing Autum's juice cup at lunch time.
A kind of "sisterly" hug when it was all over.
A picture just to embarrass my dad.  The things grandparents will do to make their grandchildren laugh...

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