Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More like siblings

As we near 6 months of Blake being in our home, not just in our hearts, I have realized that he is really starting to act like a little brother and the girl's are treating him like one.

  • Autum's getting really good at getting him in trouble.  Like encouraging him to throw his food on the floor at dinner time...then when I arrive to make them clean up the mess and get on them, she points her finger at Blake...and slaps her own hand, to show me what to do...as if it was all his fault.
  • Blake is getting really good at sneaking food from Autum's snack tray during stroller rides.  He'll stick his foot in her face which makes her lie back, and then he quickly reaches his hand over and steals her snacks.  Although he wasn't quick enough, Friday...she left a full set of teeth marks on his arm, as a result.  
  • Blake likes to sneak into Leah's room while she's getting ready for school in the mornings and steal her book bag.  He'll proceed to take off running with it and laughing (like Pee-Wee Herman).
  •  Blake loves being chased by Autum.  He'll swipe her pacifier (AKA "Lifeline) and take off running...and grunting...and laughing...while she follows screaming.
  • No one can lie on the floor anywhere in the house without him coming full speed running, screaming, with his arms in the air, and finishing with a full belly flop across your face!

Instead of trying to explain all the madness, I'll let you see for yourself.
Like taking Baby Sis's water bottle at Field Day.
Like dumping water all over Big Sis while she was trying to pose for a picture.
Like eating his sister's goat food that I bought for her to feed the goats with...doubt it was gluten-free!

I apologize this last video is blurry and has lines through it.  So far this weekend, Autum broke my iPod and it is no longer working, ripped half of the keys off the keyboard, and threw my video camera in the sink full of water...(hince the colored lines, I'm just thankful it is still semi-working)

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  1. Love when they get to this point, Our girls are so there too! Sorry about the ipod hope it recovers!