Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Glimpses of My Day

This is what you find when the house is too quiet in the mornings...notice Autum has no diaper on...these 2 started out fully clothed before this pic...

We joined Leah for sack lunches at school before she had Play Day...evidently no one liked their ham!
 This is what happens when Blake takes Autum's milk cup without asking and chugs it down!

This is a fall waiting to happen...*note Leah's left ankle

...Yep I called it.

This is Post-Play Day Fun in the backyard...

This is Blake trying to run away from me when I said "it's time to go inside!"  Note he is shirtless again...he's getting good at stripping down on his own!

And this is Leah patiently waiting for me to round up the 2 babies so we can go inside and eat....she's getting so good at this waiting game!

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