Thursday, May 24, 2012

Circus life...what?

Often I get asked how I am dealing with the craziness in our lives with 3 "little's"...2 of them essentially being twins.  And I laugh now because it no longer feels like chaos or craziness to me.  I think either I've gotten used to being busy, crazy, and on the go all the time, or else God is extending me LOTS of grace as I go through this transition into our new way of doing life.

Here are a couple of examples of life as it is now.

I chose to take all 3 kids + 1 friend for Leah to Dillon's grocery store with me.  I put the babes in the car attachment on the front of the basket and the 'big' girls walked along with me as I shopped.  Other than having to be careful that the babies wandering arms didn't swipe anything off the aisle display cases, we were moving along well.  Better than I expected, actually.  I was beginning to feel like Super Mom, telling myself I could do this...well, that award would quickly be stripped away when I bent down to grab some canned tomatoes off the bottom shelf and was hit by a flying shoe coming out of the front car the babies were riding in.  I immediately knew it had to be Blake...he throws EVERYTHING.  Well, as I reached in to scold him I was met with Autum's little ornery grin.... Blake!

My heart skipped about 5 beats before I reacted to the situation.  I told the big girls to watch Autum and I took off running down the aisles I had been through, Blake!  Ahhhh!  He had his squeaker shoes on but chose to discard the one shoe that the squeaker still works in so I was left with nothing to lead me to him.  I eventually made it down to the produce section only to find a small crowd of Dillon's employees circled around something, clapping and smiling.  BINGO!  I found him, front and center...just as happy as could be, sitting on the floor, cheesing it up for the attention...just him and a bunch of bananas..his favorite! I should have known...


A few days later I HAD to take all 3 kids to the DMV...because the 3 previous trips by myself left me empty-handed due to statewide computer glitches.  So I drug all 3 kids up the cement steps of the rickety old courthouse to wait in line.  I sat each child in a chair, equipped them with a box of animal crackers each, and went to speak with the clerk.  After she tells me she doesn't have everything she needs from me to complete the registration, I about lose it.  She kindly makes some phone calls to obtain the information and save me another drive over, but is put on hold.  This 'hold' turned into what seemed hours...because all 3 kids finished off their cookies, drinks, and were no longer entertained by the chairs.  Blake jumped down first and took off down the hallway.  Leah grabbed him and carried him back to the chair.  During this time I realize I left my checkbook in the van, so I send Leah out to get it.  She comes back with a piece of paper with scribbles on it and tells me she didn't find it.  I describe the location again and send her on her way the 2nd time....I watch out the window as she searches, has a meltdown and starts throwing stuff out of my van onto the sidewalk.  So...I grab Blake and Autum and begin the trek back down the mile of stairs, out to the van...we are halfway out there, and Leah, knowing I'm aggravated, finds the checkbook and sprints past me with it-back up the we all turn around, head back up and into the building.  I find her sitting at the top of the stairs, checkbook in hand...smiling.  She asks "what took you so long? I've been waiting a while!"

Grrrrr....I go back in to finish the process and realize Blake has disappeared again. I take off only to find him in the County Attorney's office, banging on the window, and licking the glass.  Then I hear some screaming...I return to the DMV office to find Autum hanging by her shorts on the lobby chair, both legs dangling, arms waving, and tears streaming in panic because she can't get down.  Luckily Leah got the 'look of death' after her last stunt, that she made the wise decision to sit quietly and wait.

Well, we finally leave in one piece...with my patience shot.  But we got the registration!  And everyone else waiting in line got entertainment.

And lastly...

Don't let this innocent picture fool you. :)
We decided to take our chances and stay out late last night to attend an ice cream social with our Sunday School class at the park.  Leah chose not to eat supper, so she was informed that she would not get any ice cream.  She quickly nodded 'uh huh, okay' and ran out the door after hearing this rule.  Of course she forgets about the time we get there and head over to get the ice cream.  She asks why she can't have any and I remind her of our previous conversation.  To that she states...
"Well, sh**....Gosh dangit!"  

After smothering my laughter and embarrassed face and ignored the gaping looks from other moms, she spent some time in her daddy's lap while watching everyone else have fun.

Oh boy!  Here we go... 


  1. Oh Anna!!! I'm sure this all worn your patience thin, but it got me laughing! Thank you, Leah... ;)

  2. Oh me! Thanks, Leah, for your usual dose of laughter!! (blaming daddy for the last comment?!) ;)

    - Ames