Friday, May 11, 2012

Mama's Prayers

I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. 
They have clung to me all my life.
                                                                     -Abraham Lincoln

I love this quote because quite honestly it is something I have come to realize and deeply appreciate when reflecting on my life up until now.  I think back to all the "shoulda," "coulda," "woulda" moments in my life growing up that were most definitely influenced by my mother's prayers for me. 

My salvation as a young child. Prayers of my Mom.

Good friends who influenced me in good ways growing up.  Prayers of my Mom.

Convictions about my lifestyle during my early years in college.  Prayers of my Mom.

Meeting my husband.  Prayers of my Mom.

My courage to overcome injuries and illness that plagued me during my college sports years.  Prayers of my Mom.

Being able to look back and see God's purpose in these trialsPrayers of my Mom. 

Safety.  Prayers of my Mom. 

Having a Christ-like compassion for others.  Prayers of my Mom.

Experiencing the blessing of having my own children.  Prayers of my Mom.

Our relationship as mother/daughter now.  Prayers of my Mom.

Continued spiritual growth in life.  Prayers of my Mom.

I look back at this list and smile because I KNOW in my heart there are so many situations that did or did not occur simply because of the sweet intercessions whispered to Heaven by my mother, for me.  And as I pray for my children now, I pray the Holy Spirit will intercede for my children just as he did for me. 

I pray that He will fight for their souls.  Whatever it takes.  I pray that they will know Him in their own way, and in their own affections--not through mine.  I pray that they will fall in love with Christ and choose to follow Him at all costs, knowing and experiencing the true joy that only comes from above.  That they will live in faith day by day relying on His provision for them.  And that they will love on others in the overflow of love in their hearts through their relationship with Christ.   

 But mostly, I want to thank my mom for her continued prayers throughout my life.  I constantly thank God for her and her persistence in praying for me.  And for opening my eyes to just how influential her prayers were on my life up until now. 
Starting to like his Grandma by now.
Blake's first look at his Grandma while still in the orphanage.


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  1. What a sweet post, Anna - I hope you share this with your mom, who I agree is an amazing lady! Thank God for our mamas and their Godly influences in our lives!
    Happy Mother's Day!