Monday, May 14, 2012

Leah's Birthday

Saturday we celebrated Leah's 6th birthday party.
6....WOW!  For some reason that is starting to sound old.  5 still seemed like a 'little' kid to me..but when you say 6...phew..that's only 4 years until 10!  I don't even want to go there.

As I wrote before, she was SUPER pumped about this party.  She sent me on a Scavenger hunt earlier in the week...and after the clue for the next sticky note's location she wrote "DON'T FORGET. LEAH WOODS BIRTHDAY PARTY"...the hunt ended with one big note saying the same thing.

Everywhere we went last week, people were alerted of this big day for her.  The grocery store clerk, the DMV clerk, the vehicle inspector, the stranger we met on the street, the neighbor kids, her Sunday School teacher, kindergarten teacher, her daycare provider, the para that works in her classroom...

So she was up at 6 am the day of the party asking how much longer until all the grandma/grandpa's, aunts and uncles arrived. 

"Honey, 3 hours, 45 minutes..."
"Leah, 3 hours, 35 minutes..."
"3 hours, 25 minutes..."
"We still have a while..."
"AHHHH...ask again and the party is canceled!!!"

Well, the moment arrived and was gone in a flash.  She flew through her gifts, after I had already caught her peeking in them earlier that morning.  She has no idea how loved she is...let me tell you.  That girl will never go without...being the first grandchild on both sides has its perks!

I was excited to give her all of her gifts, but what I was MOST excited to share with her was that our Prayer Warrior Child, Nadine, the little girl that started this adoption for us,

Our prayers were heard, the Spirit moved on hearts, and someone answered the call. 
I was so excited for Leah to hear and see how God moves.  And also to get to share that moment with her, as we have prayed so hard this past year for this to happen.  I told her the news and she was SO excited...she couldn't believe it.  She had lots of great questions and we had a great conversation about it.  Then she asked me if we could choose another child to pray for to find a family.  This is what I LOVE about this child...her big heart and concern for others. 

So I'm emailing today to inquire about another Prayer Warrior Child.

After the party was over, Leah said again how excited she was for Nadine...but then said...

"I just don't get it, though.  I prayed for Jesus to take the thunder away the other night and He said...(in a robot-sounding, monotone voice) "Noooo....IIIIII....wooooonnnnn't.....sorrrrrryyyyy."


  1. Happy birthday Leah and YAY for Nadine!

  2. Haaaaaaaaa...!! Too funny!!! I hate when God uses his robot voice!