Friday, January 27, 2012

This is the Stuff

Ohhh, this has been a doozy of a past few weeks. 

This week, especially, I keep finding myself slipping into that "woe is me" mood.  So as I was driving in the car yesterday this song popped into my head.  Let me replay the movie strip that played out in my mind as I was trucking along...

"This is the stuff that drives me crazy..."
--Like only getting 4 hours of sleep the past week
--A crying 1-year old waking up the rest of the house at 3 am
--A poopy diaper interrupting naptime (for me and Blake)
--Leaving a 2 lb. package of hamburger out on the counter overnight
--Not getting to run at all this week because of being so exhausted

"This is the stuff that is getting too me lately..."
--Like how much money we spend mindlessly when there are so many in need
--Like how little of concern is given by most to the orphans of this world
--By how distracted we get with all the 'fluff' of this world and how little time of prayer
--How little we understand of God's love, sovereignty, and might power, and therefore doubt it

"In the middle of my little mess..."

"I forget how BIG I am blessed..."
--With a loving, caring husband
--With 3 passionate, vibrant, spirited children
--With health and knowledge
--With hope in an All-Mighty Savior
--With loving, caring parents and in-laws
--Food to eat
--Roof over our head

"This is the stuff that gets under my skin..."
--Like Blake's labwork appointment being rescheduled for the 4th time
--All 3 kids all the sudden getting picky about what they will eat
--Endless laundry and dish piles

"But I've gotta trust you know exactly what you're doing..."
--And recognize my finite understanding
--Realize I am only human
--Get on my knees and pray
--Realize I am nothing apart from Christ
--Know there is a bigger purpose and plan
--Realize I am living in this epic story of good vs. evil and good will prevail

"Might not be what I would choose..."
--Sleepless nights
--Revealing my weaknesses
--Facing my pride issues
--Giving up my selfish ways

"But this is the stuff you use..."
--To draw me near to the Holy Spirit's leading
--To make me weak so He can be strong
--To give me quiet time to pray in the stillness of the night
--To reveal your will and your way within me
--To glorify yourself
--To help get my attention

So...thank you Francesca Battistelli for giving me a wake-up call yesterday while I wallowed in self-pity on my way to work.  I needed the splash of cold water to bring me back to my senses.


  1. Love Francesca!! I needed this today....thanks for the splash :)