Friday, January 20, 2012


As I was thinking of all the reason's why we have been so busy, all I could come up with is that we have been running!  Running in so many ways.
**sidenote: If I miss a few 'o's in this blogpost, I apologize now, it's because Autum ripped the 'o' key off the keyboard while daddy was 'babysitting' one night and now it only works if you stop and pound it with your finger.. :)

 Now back to's a rundown (no pun intended):

Miss Autum is literally running now.  She no longer walks with her hands out front like Frankenstein.  She loves to run really fast into the room when Blake wakes up from his nap.  She screeches and waves her hands and gets so excited to see him peeking over the edge of the crib.  She loves to run into the street when we play outside.  That girl! If you turn around for one minute, she's on her way to the street. Makes a mommy have a heart attack! She has been running as a tag-along to everyone else's events and appointments.

Mr. Blake is running on his feet behind a push-toy.  He can really get going now.  He still walks and runs very stiff-legged, but we are making some HUGE progress with leg strength.  He has even taken a few steps without assistance.  He bear crawls backward to a wall or chair, slowly stands up and gets his balance...gets a big smile on his face, raises his hands in the air and takes off!  He usually gets 2-3 steps in before he lunges into my or Jerad's lap.  Just in time to back it up and do it again...and again...and again...He now weighs 21 lbs. and is 30 inches long.  He is up 1 lb. since our Embassy appointment in November and has grown nearly 1 inch as well.  He ran with me to his first cardiologist appointment this week as well.  He has one small ASD, but the cardiologist determined it wasn't enough to worry about now.  We will be heading back for a check-up in 18 months.  We have met 2 of our Early Intervention goals as well.  Blake DOESN'T run away when we pick up a book now, he crawls right into our laps and starts pointing and interacting with the textures on the pages.  He is also beginning to communicate and make eye contact.  He DOESN'T run away with his snack at snack time, he'll sit and enjoy everyone's company now.  He will sign 'want' when he is ready for more and he will look at us now while he's doing it.  He and I will be running to his opthamologist, EN&T, and pulmonologist in the next few weeks. 

Miss Leah is running to all of her social events.  She wakes up running...she has since the day she was born.  She runs around the house, runs in place while eating breakfast, runs around in between brief moments of watching cartoons, runs into her room to try on 40 different outfits in a day, runs to AWANA club, runs to play dates with friends, runs to daycare a few days a week, runs to Junior Cheerleading Squad practice,  runs to Sunday School, runs to the library, runs to greet her daddy when he gets home from work each day, runs from mommy when she is in trouble, runs to gymnastics, runs from her chore list...

I am running in and between all of these kids as well as on my own.  My running comes in many different efforts. I run 2-3 mornings a week with a friend, it is my only 'me' time.  Which is why I have to get up at the crack of dawn to make it mine!  I run around getting kids ready for the day.  I run my patience thin, when Autum decides to get into the flowing shower water (which was meant for me) one morning, after I get her dressed and her shoes on before leaving for work.  I am running to work 2 days a week again, now.  I most recently ran out of our walk-in shower trying to catch Autum after she decided to join me.  After I stripped her out of her soaked footie pajamas to join me, she proceeded to squat down and poop on the shower floor and my foot and streak out of the shower and out into our bedroom.  The chase was on.  I am also running Blake to all of his medical appointments, running between phone calls to our insurance company to make sure all of these specialists are covered.  Running between conversations with Jerad about setting up our estate plan for Blake and the girls.  Running Leah to school (literally we walk almost everyday) and then picking her up.  Running after Blake, as his new infatuation with our trash cans, is leading to a dirty mess everywhere.  Running to see what teeny, tiny Barbie accessory Autum has chosen to put in her mouth after playing in Leah's room.  My brain is constantly running wondering if I have forgotten anything, why both babies didn't sleep the night before, why Blake has so much anxiety around large crowds of people all the sudden now, why Autum likes to bite Blake, why Leah has started shaking her neck and responding with a new level of sass at my every request, how I am going to train for any running races or triathlons this year, what I am going to cook for supper, when we will ever be able to attend church again with Blake, if Jerad is feeling neglected in all of this craziness, what Leah needs for attention each day to fill her cup. 

Jerad is running just as much as me.  He is running to work every morning.  He runs back inside to grab his newly-prescribed glasses that he is not used to wearing yet. He runs fast enough to get to the local grocery store for biscuits and gravy before his workday begins.  I can't imagine why, when he can sit in the screaming, noise level 10, chaotic kitchen while I try to get everyone around, and eat mushy cereal, warm milk, and reheated 5 times hot chocolate.  He then runs home from work, and is greeted by 3 running kids anxious to see him.  He runs to change his dirt-covered clothes to sweats so he and Leah can complete their nightly wrestling match.  He then runs downstairs to run on the treadmill and lift some weights and unwind.  He then runs up the stairs when he hears me and everyone else falling apart at dinner time.  He runs to a quick shower.  Runs to clean up supper.  Runs to help me get 3 kids bathed.  Runs to help get bedtime routine going.  Runs to bed at the first hint of quiet in the house!

We are running.  We are running to a lot of things, running away from others, and yet feel like time is running from us. to rest before Round 2 of running begins for the day.

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