Monday, April 28, 2014


I took some time off from coaching and personal training the past 3 months.  I have begun to coach and personal train, again, as of late. 

And I love it.

And I forgot that.

I am energized by it...!

By encouraging others.
By helping and serving.
By advising.
By motivating.
By enlightening.
By changing.
By learning from...
By experiencing.
By inspiring.
By teaching.
By giving hope.

It is a passion.

For sure.

And it is ever-evolving.  I am always observing and paying attention to others around me who coach.  Picking up cues.  Picking up wisdom.  Knowledge.  Motivations.  Mistakes.  Insight.  Experience.

I have been coached by many different types of coaches over the years, in many different settings.  All who have shaped who I am as a person/coach/athlete today.

My dad was my first coach.  The first taste of what it is like to be a student.  To learn. He set th foundation for my ability to be coachable.  He taught me work ethic, heart and dedication.  Sacrifice.  Many hours were spent in our backyard.  He on his bucket behind home plate.  Me arguing with him behind the pitching mound, hour upon hour. Day after day.  At the time I was thinking it would only translate to becoming a better pitcher.  But now I see it was translating into a lifetime of being coached and taught, and how to learn. 

Then I was coached in music. Band, specifically.  I was coached by Mr. Phillips.  A man who taught me not to be intimidated by being a girl, in a guy dominated brass section.  He taught me confidence in an area I wasn't necessary confident in.  To own my identity.  And be successful, as a result.

I entered school sports shortly after.  I made a lifelong friend in my high school softball coach.  Coach Humphreys.  She was organized.  Thorough. Competitive.  And driven.  She taught me the importance of my spiritual identity.  To put Christ before my love of sport.  To live out what I know in my walk with God.  And to work harder than anyone else on the field to get where I want.  (And... also that all the yellow balls go in one bucket, and white ones go in another--do not mix them)

I earned a scholarship to play college sports.  I learned that college is the real deal in sports.  Every girl on my team was there to earn a position.  To win.  And was willing to outwork me for a chance to play.  I had a coach, Coach Hill, who was not afraid to tell me like it was.  To call me out on my weaknesses.  To push me, to a breaking point.  To make me tougher.  To teach me responsibility.  The concept of "team."  To make me better.  To teach me the fundamentals. To take time to break down the movements and relearn them.  To break bad habits.  To become a 'bulldog', emotionless on the mound.  To make big plays.  To be a leader.  To create the option for me to play for 4 years, if I wanted. To create memories I will treasure for a lifetime.  To make an opportunity for me to form friendships I consider near and dear.

After college, I did my own thing, for a long time.  Coaching myself.  Pushing myself.  Being motivated by the next big thing in fitness.  1/2 marathons. Full marathons. Triathlons. Duathlons. Weightlifting.  CrossFit.

I was coached in my personal life for a few years by Stephen and Mary K. who I would consider most crucial as spiritual coaches.  Coaching life.  They taught me to love first.  To be real.  To not fear vulnerability.  To desire a real relationship with Christ and others.  That I need a community.  To step out in faith.  That life is messy.  And that's ok.  To own it and admit it.  It's real.

And then I was coached in CrossFit.  Under the guidance of Sarah and Chad.  Chad shared his vast knowledge of technicalities, specific details, and breakdowns of weightlifting movements.  He communicated his years of experience in programming for athletes...the why's, how's, and what for's...he also taught me how to help people believe in themselves, and therefore be their true selves.  Confident. And remain so.  Also, empowerment.  How to empower others.  On good days and bad. Also perspective.  And, Sarah taught me much more outside of the gym than in.  Things of value. Priority.  Importance. Balance.  She lived out how to be a mom and wife, college student, home school teacher, and full-time business owner/coach, and attentive friend to her circle of friends, all the while still competing and working out day to day.  She proved it can be done.  And I know it isn't easy.  She inspired me to be able to balance it all, and to still reach my goals, and not be afraid to try.

And most recently and currently.  Katie.  I have moved on to a new CrossFit coach by joining the RxBound training team.  A step of faith, I am so glad I took.  With perfect timing.  She is selfless.  And crazy knowledgeable about programming and lifting technique and volume and CrossFit and cross training. She knows what she is doing.  Has proven it.  And has this way of encouraging me but also teaching me, in a way that doesn't leave me feeling frustrated.  Or discouraged.  She uses words and communicates with hope, and encouragement.  Which translates into excitement on my part.  She makes me a believer!  In myself, again.  In my abilities.  Again.  In my goals.  Maybe, just maybe I can really do this!  She pushes me physically more than I've ever been pushed.  Because of this.  Because of the goals she has for me.  And I have for me. 

All these characteristics, personalities, experiences have shaped me into who I am as a coach today.  Good and bad.  There is always room to improve.  To become more well-rounded.  To see outside the box.  To be open-minded.  To grow.

Finally, all of my previous and current clients, friends, and class participants.  I probably have learned most effectively through my experiences coaching and personal training.  The lessons are endless to be learned.  Which is maybe what energizes me most about coaching.  The ability to learn.  And grow. And become better through my interactions with people.

My community.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story...You're an amazing lady :)