Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mom Go-Pro Cam..

After competing in the Warrior Dash and observing several participants with the GoPro camera's strapped to their heads, I begin to wonder what a camera strapped to my head would reveal.

Well, instead of splurging on a camera for my little experiment, I just tried to keep my phone camera close and capture a view from my life the the past few days.

I did not get Leah's anger at me on film tonight, though, but am still laughing at my new challenge she imposed on me...she lost her $ she gets for chores and I told her to look under the fridge (don't ask-another day, another story)...and sure enough, one of her dollars was under there.  Just out of her reach. I was pattying up raw hamburger and could not help her at the time, and my reassurance that I would not be able to reach it either, was not working.  She kept saying, "just move the fridge, mom! Pick it up so I can get my dollar!"  After telling her, "no, we'll have to wait til daddy gets home tomorrow to help me get it..." at least 10 times.  She stomps over in front of me and says, "you lift weights all the time, and you aren't strong enough to pick up this fridge so I can get my dollar!!!"  (as serious as can be, with her hands on her hips)....and proceeds to stomp out of the kitchen.  Guess I have a new motivation for my strength goals... :)  

Keep in mind I spared you from the boredom of piles of laundry I folded, sorted, washed, and picked up off the floor.  Also, I avoided the soapy mess of dishes I did after each meal, the mopping, sweeping, wiping down of counters, floors and tables after meals.  The scrubbing of toilets, changing of sheets, changing of poopy diapers... failed mommy moments with lapses of impatience, and workouts in the garage at dawn and dusk...but here are the highlights at least, the stuff you want to see. 

He loves wearing my hat from the Warrior Dash.

My tag-along while brushing my teeth..

And Waiting at the shower door for me to get out...rather impatiently.
FISH! He loves the fish park.

Over the bridge at the fish park.

In and out of the carseat's...multiple times a day.  Luckily Autum can buckle herself in now.

Spaghetti for supper. His Favorite!!
And her not so she volunteered Elmo to eat her food...

Naptime. He has to be snuggled tight in his Cars sleeping bag to fall asleep.  While being rocked...hope to never give this up. :)

And this little gal, battling some major season allergies, refusing to lie down for her nap, vying for my attention, while everyone else is gone to school.

And using my camera.

Blakes loves to pretend its "bedtime" and he's Autum's baby...and lays down like this...all quiet and peaceful..

Then jumps up and yells like a monster just to make Autum mad...and so she will yell "bad baby!"  And then he laughs and laughs...

His morning workout...getting dressed...
...still working at it. With coaching from his sister.

Girls' soak up some daddy time before he goes back to work that night.

Sitting at Leah's gymnastics practice..the first 5 minutes.

...and then 30 minutes in...needing some entertainment.

...oh baby! He can say baby really well now.
...and this would be the last 1/4 of the hour...running...

...and running.  Sitting and watching is WAY overrated.

Leah mastering her back tuck on the trampoline.  She is getting so much more confident in these.

Sprinkler fun! Brrr....
Soaking up the warm water on the drivway between sprints in the freezing water from the hose.

Feels like summer!

Walk to the park...

Feed the ducks and feed ourselves.


Stopped for a curbside break on walk home. Temperatures rose to 100 degrees and these 2's little legs were wobbly.

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