Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mom Tantrums

The past few days have unfolded themselves into moments that make me want to throw a fit.  A full-on toddler tantrum.  I am beginning to wonder why I correct my kids from throwing fits.  At what point did it become socially unacceptable to let your emotions fly.  Maybe our kids are onto something with getting it all out in one big physical/emotional fit.  Heck, I know there are many days where I just want to climb down and join in the disgusted rage my toddlers display.  You know, to go so far as...

Cross my hands across my chest, stomp my feet, and say "NO!"
Especially when I get everyone's meal's dished up, cups filled, bibs on, spills dried up, and I sit down myself to bite into my warm cooked meal, the forks almost to my mouth...AND a certain red-head next to me says, "I ate all my food, can I have something else for seconds....pleeeease....I'm still hungry... pleeeease??"

Or go limp as a noodle and fall to the floor, then prop myself up on my arms and knees, until my butt sticks up in the air, and I moan, LOUDLY.
Especially when I just finish folding 6 loads of laundry, have it all neatly piled up in each basket to go to each kid's room...and I leave the room for 10 seconds, only to return to see that Blake and Autum have dumped all the baskets out into one big pile in the center of the living room and are jumping from the top of the empty baskets into the soft, warm mound of now, unfolded clothes in the middle. 

Or maybe, just bend at the waist, plop on the floor on my butt, then throw my head back and hit the floor or whatever toy/shoe/furniture is lying close enough to hit.
Especially when Leah gets mad at Jerad, jumps onto the chair in front of him and calls him a "dick-mouth!"  And laughs and laughs because that is the new nickname she has for him...she just made it up, it has a nice ring to's what all the kids call each other these days...UGH...

Maybe just yell, scrunch my face up, and stomp my feet rapidly like the floor is on fire, all the while holding my breath.
When I get all 3 kids in the van, hurriedly, to get to work, and a certain little girl decides she has to potty and a certain little boy loads his drawers with his morning BM.  And we have a Chinese fire drill back into the house. 

Or just moan, and whine, and make these noises that come out of my nose over and over...
When the kids have swim lessons in an hour and Autum decides to use the last swim diaper in the house, and in the town (I later find out) for her baby...and rips it to shreds trying to shrink it up to fit her babies bum...

And I would be lying if I said I hadn't tried each one of these, at some point in my mothering skills...

2014 Easter

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