Sunday, April 6, 2014

How We Roll...

Lately I have caught myself just laughing...kinda that crazy laugh, cause what else can you do?

Like for example, today at church...I walked to one end of the building to get Leah from Children's Church...was stopped to chat a few...I turn around to look for Leah who has disappeared.  Completely.  A few thoughts run through my head...she's in the parking lot waiting to get in the van.  She went back into her classroom because she has no patience for me and chatting.  She went to get Blake and Autum from the nursery.  That's it! I took a quick gander in the parking lot on my way back to the other side of the church building...don't see her.  So I pick up speed. I get to the nursery end and see her walking toward the doors with both 'little's' at her feet....NO!  I yell at her to stop.  I try to contain my adrenaline from not knowing where she visualizing what catastrophe could have happened if she made it out to the parking lot with both 'littles" as I shake my head and inform her she is NOT to get them out of the nursery by herself.  That is MY job.  Only.  I then inform the nursery worker that she is not to let Leah get them out, again.  I then, realize, I have to pee.  I had been holding it for the entire service.  Now I have to take all 3 into a miniature stall with me...oh here we go!  I lock the door, herd them all around me.  And inform them not to touch anything...which goes in one ear and out the other.  Blake begins flipping the trashcan lid up and down...Autum tries to unlock the door, and Leah bends over to look under the stall door because she is pretty sure her teacher is in the adjoining stall....AHHHH!!!  I do my deed, and hurriedly push them out the stall door.  I decide we should all wash our hands, avoid germs.  I wash mine.  Leah washes hers.  I pick up Autum to wash hers.  Put her down.  Pick up Blake to wash his...he proceeds to smash his palm up against the top of the faucet, spraying anything and everything within 10 feet of us.  Including the elderly lady washing her hands at the next sink.  I have water dripping down my face, both arms, the mirror, Blake is soaked...and cackling...loving his new found mess-making skill.  As I'm trying to dry him off, Autum grows impatient waiting for me to get her a paper towel, so she dries her face and hands on the back of my dress.  Then lifts my dress up and slaps me on the butt with both hands!  I want to cry...but just laugh.  And laugh.  And laugh.  The lady next to me begins laughing.  And laughing.  And then go on our separate ways.

Before church was much the same..I drop Blake and Autum off at nursery...Autum decides she wants to go into the sanctuary and sing with Leah and I, then I'll bring her back to the nursery.  Which is fine. She does that a lot.  We go in and sit down.  We get shoved to the middle of the aisle, which already leaves me in panic as I try to decide which side of the pew will be better to carry her out of when the time comes...who will be more accommodating to our restlessness.  We sit down, sing one song, and she's announces she is done.   "I want to go play now.  I want to see Blake, Mommy!  Now.  Pleeeease!" I inform her we just got sat down.  We have a few more songs to sing and then we'll go.  Autum goes from 0 to 60 fuming mad...could be part of that 3-year old inability to be patient...but this sets her off.  She proceeds to yell during announcements, "I want to go!  I am tired of waiting to see JESUS!!!!!"  Hmmm....this opens many thought processes in my mind.  Both literally and physically.  Note to self.  I'll spend some time processing that later.  (After my face drains red.) I didn't even think, but did execute my escape, exactly as I had planned it in my mind, only moments before.  Good to know.  So as I'm walking back into the sanctuary, I begin laughing.  Just giggling.  And can't stop.  Luckily I got it under control, just short of snorting.

I woke up bright and early and did a great olympic lifting workout before the kids woke up.  It took a few hours but felt awesome.  I love swinging a bar around.  Something so freeing and stress-relieving about it.  I come back inside and find Autum and Leah snuggled up on the couch, watching cartoons (that I always turn on as I walk out the door each morning to workout--to give me at least 20 more minutes before they invade my solitude).   Leahs says, "Was it thundering last night?"  I say, no. "Was someone shooting at the house?"  I say, no.  " was just you lifting weights, then."
Ha. Ha. Ha.  Yes, honey, yes it was! :)

Opening a bag of fruit loops...snacking on them while waiting for breakfast.  "Mom, how much protein do these have in them?  I need to load up before I workout." (quote, Leah)

Oh man, we've got some work to do in the nutrition area.  But great try!

I got a new pre-workout powder mix that I've been trying out.  Nutriforce.  Love it so far. (btw) And I filled a cup with only the powder the other morning...Autum proceeds to pull it off the counter over her head and spills it all over her face...I mean, completely covers her face.  She looks at me and all I can see are her eye balls...her hair, eyelashes and cheeks are covered in red powder.  She cries and screams a second...then begins licking it...realizes she likes it and goes to town licking her face, her arms, her shirt, her hands...intermittently saying, "yummmm....sugar......yummmmm....sugar!"  Well, I'll just tell you now...that stuff is effective for energy boosts in children too... and now every morning she asks for more "sugar."

Spent a few hours at the YMCA pool yesterday morning.

In and out, in and out...all he did the entire time.  And fell asleep in a laundry basket that afternoon.

Waiting in line to dry their hair after showering.

Autum forgot a shirt, and only brought this she rocked the belly button looked all through Dillon's after swimming. least it's still cute!

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  1. I laugh until I cry when I read these posts from you!