Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Mom-Lete

I remember when I was a young bride, without kids, competing in a lot of running races and triathlons, thinking that there were never many women in the age group from 30-35...

I always assumed it was because most were up to their hips in children, and mothering, and nurturing and giving of themselves, fully.  I always used to say I would never allow myself to let it all go.  To give up my body.  To give up my competitiveness.  To give up my goals.  To give up my hobbies.  To give up my athleticism.  To sacrifice everything for my kids...

Now, don't get me wrong...I also said I'd never wipe my own kid's nose with my own sleeve...wrong.
And I would never let my kids "be those kids" at the grocery store.
And that my kids would never "talk back to me that way"...
Ha. Ha. Ha.
So, yeah, once you are a parent, yourself, it all changes, and everything you said before is thrown in your face...

Obviously I love my kids and husband.  Obviously I would do anything for them.
 I refuse to give up my goals, my dreams, and myself just because I have 3 kids.  2 of which have special needs...

I am at every program my kid's perform in.  I drive them to all their medical and therapy appointments.  I am there to kiss the ouchies.  To cheer on their efforts at gymnastics practice.  To discipline the wrongdoing.  To correct.  To tuck into bed.   To play hide and seek.

But I am also up at 5 am, sweating out a cardio session in my home gym.  I use naptime's to finish off my strength sessions for the day.  I utilize childcare at the YMCA for an hour to workout with other people who can push me.  I will be back in my garage later at night if I still have a few skills to work on.  I will include my kids in my workout.  We practice counting.  We practice balance.  We problem-solve. 

I am an athlete too.

I want to be competitive.  I want to be stronger.  I want to get to the next level.  I want to reach my goals.  And I will get there.

What you won't find me doing is sitting in on a mom's coffee hour 2 mornings a week.  Or partying til wee hours of the morning on a Saturday night. Belonging to a club. Or partaking in social events around town each week.  Or hosting sales parties at my house.  Or heading up the bake sale at the school.  Or running for PTO.  Or slaving away over the stove to make the best dish at the church potluck. 

And my house might not be clutter-free.  And my yard may not be weedless.  And my dishes may have spots on them.
But that is where I sacrifice my time. 
And I'm okay with that, most days.

Every so often the guilt slips in and I feel like I am not 'doing' enough, especially compared to the next mom.  Or the days get away from me and I don't get it all in.  Or a quick exercise session is interrupted numerous times by trips to the potty inside, or snack breaks, or carpool trips to sports practice or playdate's, and I get frustrated. And I may not have the most friends, especially ones who I understand my dedication.

But I remind myself I have goals.  Dreams I have chosen to sacrifice for in order to achieve.  And then all is okay again.  I just do what I can with the time I have.  I plan ahead. I prioritize.  I made decisions.

And I truly believe that I become a better mom, as I become a better athlete.  It is a parallel universe. 

It can be done.  Being a mom and a competitive athlete. 
And I plan to prove it.

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