Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oh! A cheese stick...

Usually when I get home from my morning workout, I have a few seconds to spare before hitting the shower and making the kids some I try to sit down and read my Bible.  I love doing it in the morning to get a fresh perspective on my day.  Autum is usually awake and most often sits with me snuggled up in our big reclining chair...she indulges in a little Curious George while I read some Scripture.  This particular morning she seemed rather curious about my Bible I got a little excited to tell her about Jesus.

(imagine this being said with a pacifier in her mouth, snuggled up tightly in a quilt..sitting on my lap)

"You wike Jesus?"
     Yes, I do.  I learn about Jesus in my Bible, here.  That's why I read it-so I feel close to Him.

A scrunched up puzzled look..."You get Jesus in Bible? Oh...I wike Jesus too...Let me see..." (pointing to my Bible, flipping pages as if looking for something)

     "Okay. See right here, this is what I read today. I begin reading in Romans...12:2 to be not conform any longer to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind..."

" Jesus in Bible?"

     I say, "Yes He is. Want to learn more about Him?  He lives in mommy's heart, He can live in yours too, if you ask Him.  Trust in Him.  Ask for forgiveness.  I pray for Him for you, and Leah, and Blake, and Daddy all the time.  And Mimi and Papa...and our friends..."

"So Jesus lives in my tummy? I want Jesus in my tummy! Okay, mommy?!" (getting louder and more excited)

I begin to get excited.  She is really showing interest.  I begin praying silently for her heart to be softened and understanding to what I say.  I say, "You do? Okay, we can pray about it."

"Yay! OK! OK!"

 I ask again, "You want Jesus? In your tummy?"

"Yes! Yes! Yaaay! I wike Jesus!"

We fold our hands and begin to pray--and before I begin, she jumps up, throws her pacifier, and runs into the kitchen...opens the fridge door and says...clear as day...(now that I can understand her without a pacifier in her mouth)

"See Mommy! Cheese stick...I want a cheese stick in my tummy!! Yay!! It not in your Bible, silly!"

I begin to laugh...and laugh...and laugh.  She was NOT excited to hear about Jesus...she was saying cheese stick...NOT Jesus...this whole time...UGH

 Should. have. known.

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