Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Good Voice, Good Face, Good Words

Today we had a session with Leah's psychologist.  We discussed and role-played socially appropriate ways to talk with friends and make new friends.  We first talked about having a good face.  Which included looking at the person you are talking too...even looking at his/her forehead if you don't want to make eye contact.  Then we acted out what having a good voice would sound like.  Good voices would be loud enough to hear, but not yelling.  Clear and precise.  And we ended with good words.  What kinds of words are good words?  Yes. Thank you.  Please.  No, thanks.

So we acted out scenarios like standing in line at the grocery store and you want to talk to the person behind you...so we have a good face, good voice, and good words.  Then, what would be a good way to lead into a conversation?  We decided on 3 good ways: talk about what is happening at the moment, what has happened or you are looking forward to happening, and finally the weather.  All 3 socially acceptable ways to start a conversation with someone.  We practiced good ways and laughed and role-played every scenario Leah could come up with.  And finally, at the end, our doctor let Leah be goofy and practice bad ways to talk to someone breaking all the rules of good voice, good face, and good words.  He asked Leah to come up with a scene where she may have broken all 3 rules...

She thought about it for awhile. Squirming around on the couch, trying to come up with a good one.  She even had her finger to her lips with a deep in thought posture.

And came up with this: "I don't know about me, but mommy uses a bad face, bad voice, and bad words when she gets mad and she yells at us: she stomps upstairs, locks herself in the bathroom and talks on her phone, while sitting on the toilet!!"

I went white.
Almost changed the subject to the weather.
But instead said, "word, sistah, word!"

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