Monday, January 27, 2014

Scenes from the Woods Household

We were rushing to get out the door to school this morning...van was in garage and the kids were told to head toward the garage.  Leah makes it through the doorway, I scoop Blake up to carry him over to his side of the van...and I look back only to see Autum standing in the door frame, all relaxed...looking off into the distance.  I holler back, "Autum, what are you doing?  Hurry up we gotta go!"  To which she smoothly replies, "Hold on a sec, I'm peeing in my diaper!"  (The girl has been potty trained for months...she still wears a diaper at night to bed...and for some reason chose to leave her diaper on when she and Leah were getting I know why)  UGH...

Autum has been carrying around this bag for a week now...packed with all her necessities.  A diaper, her "ga" (pacifier), a baby, a baby bottle, a shoe, some gum, a few hair bows, a comb, and an assortment of jewerly, etc.  I asked her why she was carrying that bag with her.  Because it has slowed our parade out the door a few times...because she didn't have it.  She finally tells me the other day she packed it because, "I'm waiting for Jesus to come!" (and yes, she said Jesus, not cheese stick) :) 

Out of the mouths of babes...maybe I need to take some of her advice.

Back to DSGP, working out with my dearest friends!
 I made gluten-free cinnamon raisin bread from a bag mix, that was a super fail by the way.  Anyway, I had to put yeast in it and let it set in water, then put the bowl in the heat to rise.  Autum and Leah were helping me prepare it.  Autum kept asking why we had to let it set in the warmth for so which I said because it has to "rise."  And Leah chimes in, "Duuuhhh! Autum tha'ts why it is called Cinnamon Raisin' bread! Sheesh!"

A few nice days at the park.  These 2 have decided this is the only way to go down a slide now.

A CrossFit competition in Omaha, Neb.  TactFit Games. Practicing the Firemen's Carry in our motel room the night before.

Our team: Hot in Pink (Chad, Sarah, Anna, Johnny)  We got 6th place out of 25!

The Firemen's carry in action! Ahhh!

We were pretty confident in pink :)

And a little morning devotional time with Jesus Calling, while getting my hair done by our in-home stylist.

Leah practicing her back tuck at gymnastics.

"Monkey" at 2 weeks post-op...yay!!

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