Thursday, January 9, 2014

A New Type of Strong

I would consider myself a strong person.  I CrossFit. I lift weights.  I post video's to try to inspire people/women to be strong.  Hoping to expel the myth that it's not acceptable for women to be strong.  In fact, it's empowering. It's beautiful.  It's opportunistic. It's possible.

Videos like this: 

Somedays you feel like this...

  And somedays...more like this:

But whatever it is.  I learned I have a long ways to go compared to a few women I now consider my heroes.  Women who day in and day out display a strength that cannot be made in the weight room.  It is drawn from within.  A courage that is unknown.  Only developed through experience and spiritual intercession. 

The past 3 days I spent at Children's Mercy Hospital with Blake.  He had his tonsils and adenoids removed and ear tubes inserted.  All in hopes for improved hearing, breathing, sleeping and speech development!  His adenoids were blocking a significant amount of his ears, which would affect hearing and speech.  And his tonsils were connected in the middle of his throat, blocking a large amount of his throat from breathing and eating effectively.  So we are thankful for this surgery! And hopeful for big changes to come!

This was his pacifier of choice.  "Bucky" is what we call him. I asked the nurse if they could fix his teeth while he was under anesthesia. :)

He HATED this gown. I put it on him and he ripped it off along with his pretty new socks and threw them at the nurse.  And gestured very clearly his disgust, with his pointer finger and foot stomp for her to "go!"
Post-surgery. He was happy and easy-going.  He was very concerned that Pooh Bear get his medicine, vitals checked, and pudding cups when Blake got his. :)

But even more than this...we spent our 2 nights at the hospital on the Oncology floor.  On a floor filled with kids of all ages...fighting cancer.  At far too young an age.  But as sad and depressing as that could have left me...I was blown away at the strength of these kids' mommas!  This is what I mean by having so much to learn in another realm of the word strength!  Hour after hour I saw mommas carrying their shiny-headed little jewels around the hospital floors, hooked up to IV's...and they were singing and humming...rocking and swaying...whispering prayers and words of affirmation and encouragement in their sweet little ears...they were squeezing and leading...round and round.  One foot in front of the other.  Their strength seemed beyond my imagination.  Almost supernatural-which I'm fully convinced is!  They were strong.  They were determined.  They were hopeful.  All for their little ones.  To encourage.  To fight.  To be like them and win this battle. 

To be strong.

These displays of strength left me humbled.  Left me in admiration.  Left me in a new perspective.  Left me reminded.  Left me encouraged.  Left me thankful.

It is awesome to be strong!  In so many ways.  For so many reasons.

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