Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012

As I think back about this past year, I laugh, because this is what I posted last year...about how I wanted this year (2012) to be...
My New Years Resolution to Nothing

I feel the summary of 2012 could not be more aptly titled.  We did just that.  Nothing.  Nilch. Nada.

It was a very low-key year.  I honestly and fully believe it was God's desire for us.  To lay low.  Relax.  And the minute we began to think of doing something, even the thought of it.  Someone got sick.  And we would HAVE to stay home. :)

We never decided whether we now have the "3 Kids Syndrome" and so its harder to go anywhere or to hand out with other people.  Or if we have the "3 Young Children Syndrome" where the kids are too young to miss naps, stay up late, require to much crap to making it worth packing, or make any getaway easy-for that matter.

We spent a lot of time at home.  Together.  In fact, Jerad and I were in bed by 9 pm on more than a handful of evenings.  And I wasn't complaining. In fact, it became one of my favorite times of the day.  Resting, in bed, while Jerad and I caught up on the day's events, just talking.  With no screaming. Crying. Fits. Demands. Just quiet.
    My Motto is: when there is no guarantee you are going to get to sleep all night, you go to bed early. :)
What a life, huh?  If you have kids, you will not judge!

So in true fashion, we were in bed at 10 pm last night...which seems like midnight to those of us with little kids..discussing what this next year will be like.  I am just not a "New Year's Resolution" person.  If I'm convicted of something, motivated by something, changed or effected by something, I resolve to change it right then.  Not to wait.  That's just me.  I cannot hardly remember a time that I made a New Year's Resolution.

I've made lists of things I'd like to do throughout the year, and my list grows, as the year progresses. But that's about it.
I made my mind up last year to train for the Crossfit Open to qualify for the Regional games starting in February.   I'd like to compete in an olympic lifting meet this year.  I'd like to do an adventure race with Jerad.  We'd both like to get back into mountain biking--we used too before kids.  Go on vacation.  More dates..I think I've said this every year. 

Leah made a list...here are her top things: 1. Go to a Museum 2. Go to a bigger zoo. 3. Dive off the diving board. 4. Go skiing in Colorado (we talk about this a lot)  5. My family can play together more. 6. Go to a bigger water park. (notice a theme?)  7. Camp out in a tent. 8. Go to Disney World again....ha.ha.ha...

I think most of all this year I am going to try to enjoy life with young kids more.  It is such a struggle for me.  I always seem to look at what we are not able to do.  We seem to have no close friends now to hang out with.  We rarely get invited out.  We can't do this....or that....and on and on.  But I am overlooking the life we are in, living, and doing, right now. 

So my main focus will be to loosen up.

As for what this year holds, I have no idea.  Nothing seems to be on my radar, as far as the bigger picture goes.  So for now, I'll just sit back and see.  Don't worry I'll keep you posted to any change.



  1. I wish we lived in the same town - I'd have you over all the time with your sweet ones and we could "lament" (joking here!) together over our little blessings! :)

    Happy New Year!


  2. I have not been commenting a lot! But I love your blog, all of your silly posts and you are a wonderful mom. I am so thankful you have had a good year of rest. This is just a season you are in, and its going to pass and then you will be busy, busy, busy!