Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Wood's Christmas

This picture is the result of Christmas Part II: Jerad's mom LOVES Christmas time and always goes all out for gifts for everyone.  We each take turns opening one gift at a time, starting with the youngest and moving to the oldest.  As you can see the kids have more than enough toys/clothes to keep them busy for a long time.  Or so I thought, just 2 days after this Leah came to me and said the "forbidden, get yourself a list of chores to do now," words....I'M BORED!

Setting all the presents up.

Chatting with Uncle Chad!

Autum trying out her new chair.

Bumper 4-Wheelers.

Showing his new doll how to ride the Barbie 4-Wheeler!

New basement toy! Teeter Totter...Autum isn't quite sure about it yet!
YUMMM, gluten-free almond ice cream bar!

Air hockey!
Bowling. The trick is to get the pins knocked over before Blake swipes them with his arms and then laughs hysterically! (told you he was ornery)
The kids were starting to feel better by this Christmas get together so it was a little more fun and exciting for them.  School started again Thursday, Jan 3, so the break was short and quick, even more so when everyone was sick the entire week and a half they were off.  Blake starts preschool Monday.  He'll go two days a week for his therapies and social time.  I feel 2 days a week is best for him now, as we are still working on bonding, trust, and attachment issues at home.  Where I feel he'll learn the most.  Plus we have a built-in peer, with Autum being around, so he is getting plenty of socialization with her too.  There is one other boy Blake's age with Down Syndrome in his class, so I'm SO excited for them to become fast friends, and most likely, partners in crime!

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